Amazing Striped Nail Designs For Summer Season You Need To See

Amazing striped nail designs are the perfect nail art for summer season these can be matched with your striped dresses check out the designs that you can try.

Striped is the trend going these days there are versatile ways to wear it but combining it with other trends makes it more special.We are going to show you striped nail designs with floral art combined together.

Just like in clothing if you are going to mix to combos you can try floral top with striped skirt the same pattern can be followed in nail art also.There are many combinations that can be made while combining these two.

Amazing Striped Nail Desings

You can choose one nail in floral style and other in striped pattern or use both of them together on one nail.Pastel is another color that have been going in the nail trend you can make it striped by applying stripping tapes or making strips with other colors.

Thin brushes will be needed to do the job at lower edges so you can have the perfect nail design.These nail designs can be tried out on night events with your fancy dress or while in casual daily routine.

If you are a student then you can try even more colors because your casual outfits have more colors then evening wear dress forms.Summer is about colors and its seen everywhere from clothing to nails so why not just follow the complete trend.

Amazing Striped Nail Designs For Summer Season You Need To See

At stylevilas you can follow many trends from makeups to outfits and nail art we have special category dedicated to nail art where you can see nail designs of all seasons.We have already covered striped nail you can see Striped Nail Designs.

If you are looking what clothing should be matched with these nail ideas then look at our summer outfits category where we have shown different trends of clothing that you can wear all the summer season.

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