Benefits of dry brushing during winters

With the arrival of every new season, it demands us to switch up our skincare routine if we want to have soft smooth all year round. For the winter season, the secret to having soft smooth skin is by dry brushing your skin. You have dry skin all over your body due to the dryness and cold weather so it is highly important to shed it and reveal soft smooth skin underneath.

Dry brushing is a highly underrated practice and has so many underlying benefits that we often ignore. By dry brushing your skin regularly during the winters, you are not only keeping your skin soft but rather you are also prepping it for the next season when you will have to reveal all that glowing skin. Here are all the details that you need to know about dry brushing.

What is body brushing?

Dry brushing your body is an ancient method of using a dry brush all over your body before going to shower to shed all the dry skin. The rough bristles on the brush help to shed the skin and increase blood circular which then, in turn, increases the cell turnover. You can dry brush your body both before and after you take a shower for 10 minutes. However, the more desirable time to do this would be before you head for a shower as after taking a shower your skin is sensitive and dry brushing can sometimes cause damage.

Benefits of dry brushing during winters

How to do body brushing

The right way to dry the brush is to take the brush and start from the lower part of the body. The right technique is to brush in the direction of your heart. During this process, you will be brushing your entire body starting from your legs and feet to then going up to your belly and back and then finally moving up to your arms. While you are doing it, be sure to go in short and quick strokes as they help shed the skin better than long and slow strokes. You can also adjust the pressure of dry brushing according to the sensitivity level of the area where you are brushing but make sure that you are brushing sufficiently to improve the blood circulation in that area.

Benefits of dry brushing

Regularly brushing your body will help you attain a healthy glow all over your body because your blood circulation will be improved so now you will have a better oxygen level in your blood which helps better nutrition absorption in your body as well. Furthermore, dry brushing also helps to get rid of ingrown hair as it sheds away all the dead skin and unclogs any clogged pores hence the chances of ingrown hair are eliminated whether you choose to wax or shave.

Another important benefit of dry brushing is that it helps to get rid of cellulite. When the brush moves over the skin, it evens out the distribution of fat deposits under the skin and improves blood circulation. This makes your skin look firm and smooth all around giving your body a more even contour and elasticity. Dry brushing also improves lymphatic drainage which helps your body to get rid of all the toxins and impurities hence it gives you healthy skin overall.

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