Henna Art Designs That You Should Try This Season

Henna Art Designs are traditional art of South Asian and Middle Eastern countries these are basically wedding and special occasion trend.  

Heena or mehndi are in so many versatile designs region wise most famous one’s are Arabic and Indian mehndi designs.On every special occasion women tries different designs of mehndi that is done on foot and hand.

Some are minimum designs and some are bloated with so many art work like peacock designs abstract art etc.Eid is just some months away so you should be definitely looking for some new trendy designs to try.

Henna Art Designs

Some heena designs are with colorful materials that are matched with dresses specially for the bridals.These are very bright colors can stay up for some days usually 7-13 days but you can remove them if you want to clean them.

Mehndi is must on every wedding ceremony there will not be much weddings in the summer but there are some festive occasions on which you can try these mehndi designs.Our selected images include Arabic designs Indian designs Pakistani mehndi designs.

In the western part of the world these are commonly known as henna tattos and these are made on different body parts like tattos are done.Henna will fade way in some time it does have beautiful smell so you may want to keep it for longer.

Henna Art Designs

If you are using it for tattos then you can change it every often because these are temporary and can be removed easily.The real focus of mehndi designs are beautiful lines and shapes that are usually done in various ways.

The most common design is floral design you will see almost flower in every design if you have the skills then these are easy to do does not take time to make but takes time to dry and you have to be still until these are fully dry.

Check out our selected Henna Art Designs that can be used as a bridal mehndi,eid mehndi or any other special event mehndi makeup.

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