Importance of sunscreen during winters

Most of us only wear lays of SPF during summers only. The reason behind this is that it is a common belief that the sun is only harsh and harmful during the summer season. It is hot outside and we are more exposed to the harsh rays hence to save ourselves from sunburn, tanning, and sunspots, we only tend to wear sunscreens during the summer season.

Recently there have been many kinds of research conducted that suggest otherwise. This belief is completely wrong that during winters the sun becomes less harsh so we do not need any sunscreen. We have all been guilty of believing this way and skipping on the sunscreen.

On rainy or cloudy days, we do not wear sunscreen and skip it from our routine thinking there is no sun so we do not need to apply anything to our face to get protection from it. Whereas, during the daytime, there are rays all around that are lightening the day outside so some sort of sun rays are always present all around.

The biggest misconception among our people is that we only need to wear sunscreen to save ourselves from the tan. We often ignore the other essential purposes the sunscreen serves us. This results in us tossing the sunscreen in our drawers during the winter season.Importance of sunscreen during winters

There is so much more to wearing an SPF than just saving yourself from a tan. Exposure to sun rays leads to the speeding process of aging. This means that you are likely to develop age lines and craw eyes faster if you are exposed to the sun and do not wear an SPF.

Moreover, excessive exposure to the sun also means that your skin will get damaged and the harsh UV rays have also been proven to be a cause of skin cancer. Hence you need to wear an SPF all around the year every day because the UVA and UVB rays penetrate through the clouds and reach you without you even knowing it and trigger so many of your skin and health conditions.

Just like you consider putting on a lip balm or a moisturizer on your skin every day an important part of your routine, sunscreen is also a crucial part of skincare that must not ever be skipped no matter what part of the year it is or no matter how much in a hurry you are.

There is a variety of sunscreens available in the market for every skin type. Even tinted sunscreens are available for those people who are in a hurry every morning and do not have the time to layer on products and makeup.

Moreover, if you find the thick sunscreens and the white cast they leave unappealing then there are many thin and clear sunscreens available in the market as well that help to keep your skin breathing and shine-free. hence, skipping the sunscreen from your routine should never be an option because it is going to do you more wrong than any good.

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