Rosaceous Anus Abrar Formal Semi Formal Collection 2016

Anus Abrar Formal Semi Formal Collection is named Rosaceous which have romantic high quality printed dresses that are for special occasions.

Anus Abrar have launched one of the most charming and luxury designs dresses for this summer season in the form of Rosaceous this collection have both semi formal and formal dresses for women.

This is another chiffon fabric collection just like the Nomi Ansari chiffon summer collection after looking at this and the Nomi Ansari’s collection.You will know that chiffon is mostly used for special occasion dresses.

Anus Abrar Formal Semi Formal Collection

Anus Abrar have presented 2 piece dresses in stitched forms available in different sizes you can easily pick according to your measurements.This collection have different types of dresses some are formals and some semi formals.

Formals are more charming and fancy because they have expensive thread work and are looking more fancier then the semi formals.Prices will be different for both type of dresses because of printed and work done on the dresses.

Formals are more carefully crafted because these are special purpose dresses and semi formals are sometimes worn casually and can be worn in your daily routines.We have not much shared work of Anus Abrar much.

Anus Abrar Formal Semi Formal Collection

But he is working in the fashion industry from some years now and presented different types of formal luxury collection over the years.If you check the designer site you can see there are lots of fancy dresses that he have launched lately.

Fancy dresses are launching more because of this year special events we have already shared other brands luxury dresses which were equally good and elegant as these charming dresses.

Anus Abrar Formal Semi Formal Collection

Prices have lots of variations because of amount of work done on the dress starting price is 5,000 and ending price is 32,000 rupees prices will be higher if you pick more charming dress from this collection.

You can see Anus Abrar Formal Semi Formal Collection from the gallery and see why dresses have expensive price tags clearly high quality types can be seen more formal collections will be launching by designers so stay tuned to stylevilas to remain up to date.


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