Rice Water: A Hair Care Miracle for Growth and Strong Hair

There are a gazillion products out there in the market claiming to give you’re the most luscious and shiniest of the hair. But, seldom do these products actually prove to be on right about their claims.

Thus, we’ve brought your something simple yet extremely affordable and attainable so all of you can have perfect hair in no time.  Rice water is being used since centuries now, especially in the Far East areas, and has thousands of evidence to back up its effectiveness and results. It’s truly a magic mixture for your hair and we’re hair to tell you all about it.

Rice Water Making and UsageRice Water  A Hair Care Miracle for Growth and Strong Hair


The making includes taking a cup of rice, giving it a thorough rinse, and then soaking it in the double of rice’s quantity of water and leaving the rice soaking overnight. This helps give water ample time to absorb important minerals and nutrients from the rice.

Next morning you’ll wake up to cloudy water and that indicates that the rice water is ready to use. Simply give the water one last stir and then strain and separate the water from rice. Your rice water is ready!


There are several ways to go about using it. It can either be used as a rinse once you’re done shampooing and conditioning your hair. You can also pour it into a spray bottle and store it into the fridge for a week and utilize it as a leave-in conditioner. For curly hair, the best way to go about it is to use it as a leave-in conditioner.

This will help give you well defined bouncy curls and will make the detangling process a breeze. For straight hair, you can use it as an after shampoo and conditioner rinse. Let the rice water sit on your hair for 20-25 minutes and then rinse your hair to reveal bouncy and voluminous hair.

Why rice water?

Well, we’re hair to tell you about all its benefits and you’re sure to head to your kitchens right now to make this miracle water. Rice water if oozing with essential vitamins, minerals, and natural proteins that help to fix your brittle hair and keep it hydrated.

It contains essential carbohydrates that help restore moisture in your hair and help fixes the elasticity of your hair by strengthening it. This also further helps stop the formation of split ends.

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Moreover, even after your rinse off the rice water from your hair, the nutrients absorbed from it continue to protect your hair from any damage and seal in the moisture. It is a rich source of vitamin B, C, and E which are all essential to trigger healthy growth of your hair. For all these reasons, why not give this miracle water a try?

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