5 Medium Bob Hair Ideas You Need To Try

Admit it! A bob haircut is the most underrated hairdo, as people perceive it as a short length, easy-breezy hairstyle.

However, a piece of great news for fashionistas is the modern hairdo fashion gurus are introducing medium length and shoulder-length bob haircut, and trust me; it works quite well! I know it sounds surreal, but it is a fact. So, ladies do not press the red exit button, as this article will take you through some extraordinary bob hairstyles for all sorts of hair lengths.

Now, the majority of you might not be aware of the medium length bob, so there is no rocket science in it, a medium bob is a lengthier version of the typical short hair bob that is trending for a long time.

Besides, the fun part of this shoulder-length hairdo is that it compliments all age groups. Moreover, numerous celebrities with medium hair are proudly slaying the medium bob hairdos. So if you want to pull off this look on yourself, make sure you read the entire article.

Best bob hairstyle you must try:5 Medium Bob Hair Ideas You Need To Try

The new fashion fever in the hairstyling world is medium bob hairdo, and chics are drooling over this new definition of simple yet, classy haircut. However, the majority of you might not be aware of the fact that there are a bunch of choices in a medium bob hairdo, some of them are below:

Mid bob for square face:

If you have a square face, then mid bob is the one for you. The idea hairdo for the medium length hair skims your shoulders; this, making you look like a diva. Besides, this hairstyle enlightens you up for sheen to your personality.5 Medium Bob Hair Ideas You Need To Try

The new smashed outline of mid bob hairdo revamps your entire look. Furthermore, girls willing to add your personalized touch to this hairstyle can add layers for an excellent haircut.

Hence, girls seeking for edgier and a statement look should go for this hairstyle. Moreover, this hairstyle works well for girls with a square and heart show face. Even though all age groups can pull off this hairdo, but girls in their 20s are ideal for this bold hairstyle.

Team this hairstyle with a classy skirt and blazer, and you will be the highlight of all the parties. Make sure you go for this hairdo in winters, as summers are humid and sweaty for open hair.

Messy bob hairdo:

The next messy and shaggy look is something every girl can confidently slay. This bob hairstyle offers gothic and out of the box vibe. So, either you have a square or oval face with wavy hair, this hairdo is something you can try out. Furthermore, chics with medium weave are the best pick for this hairstyle.5 Medium Bob Hair Ideas You Need To Try

The fun and casual hairstyle is currently the talk of the town. Now, girls with a slightly longer or oval face will rock the mid-length bob. Moreover, if you are in sweet 20s then, this one is worth a shot. However, team it up with casual wear, such as denim with a tee, and you are good to kill it with your fashion game.

Art Deco-Dent with Disconnected Layers:

An art deco-decent with disconnected layers or commonly named as A-line bob hairstyle is next in our list. However, the attribute that sets it apart from other bob hairstyles is that it has disconnected layers. This particular hairdo provides sheen to the hair, and the best part is that each layer falls in the right place.5 Medium Bob Hair Ideas You Need To Try

Since this haircut gives the right dreamy look; therefore, girls also name is as the shattered dream haircut. However, if you have a cute oval face, then this is the one you need.

Moreover, girls seeking for a statement look can opt for this medium bob hairdo with sidebands and bold lips. So girls with heart and oval shape face! Get ready to mesmerize boys with this haircut and a stunning bold lip. Trust me! You will thank me for this one. Besides, women in their 30s can equally enjoy this loo with an elegant dress.

Fringe mid bob:

Now time to dazzle everyone with a fringe cut blending with the mid bob hairdo. No, I am not kidding! This is the next haircut on our list. The entire credit for this extraordinary hairstyle goes to the small fringe falling over the forehead in grace.5 Medium Bob Hair Ideas You Need To Try

Besides, the fun part is that this hairstyle complements all facial structures, so you can blindly opt for this one. However, if you have thick straight hair, then you cannot dare to miss this haircut. So, girls in their early 30s pick a nice off-shoulder dress; try this haircut with a red lip to be the ultimate diva.

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Simply adorable medium bob:

Now, the majority of girls love long hair, and they cannot make the heart to bid farewell to their long hair. Therefore, this option is a lengthy medium bob for slightly longer waves. If you want a frizzy, natural, and unmanaged layer, then this is your jam.5 Medium Bob Hair Ideas You Need To Try

Moreover, workaholic girls will find it a blessing as it is super easy to maintain. No matter it is a casual friend’s brunch or a date night, this look will slay on every occasion. Preferably for women of 30s and 40s, this haircut complements round and oval shape face. So get this ravishing haircut, opt for any possible dress, a pantsuit or a dress and you are good to go!

I hope these hairdos were helpful in opting for the hairstyle of this season. However, you do not necessarily have to fall in a certain age group to pick that look, unless it suits you, and you can pull it off with elan, it is your jam.

Besides, make sure you keep trimming those damaged ends for a straight and clear bob cut. Moreover, you can go for some fun accessories available in the market to take it up a notch.

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