DIY Custom Earrings Ideas Pictutorial Guide

DIY Custom Earrings are shown with a complete guide with the help of Pictutorials so you can make them easily in your home by using simple things.

Major jewelry trend for the summer are the statement earrings in big size because bigger looks better it’s also one of the vintage styles to wear bigger earrings.Summer is all about colors and trying different style trends so why not find an earring or make it by yourself that adds value to your outfit.

Handmade DIY Custom Earrings are one of the best ways you can show up your creativity and a change in your style.Making your own earrings by using different materials and things are fun and can become your art project if you are an art student.

So today Stylevilas is going to show you DIY Custom Earrings Ideas with the help of pics tutorials so you can make something interesting and by yourself.You just need to follow the pictures step by step and at the end, results will be interesting.

DIY Custom Earrings Step by Step

The best part creating something in the home is that it’s costless we know it may not look elegant but still a fun way to show your creativity and style.Just simple things are needed which you can buy from the market at cheap rates or even can find in your home.

You can create a unique earring which isn’t available anywhere which you can gift to someone to show your love to them.

So let’s get started 

1.Zipper Earrings

DIY Custom Earrings Ideas Pictutorial Guide

Zipper Earrings are one of the simplest custom earrings you can wear you can make them in just minutes.Just take a set of zippers of any size attach pins with glue on it so they can be easily attached to your ears.You can use zippers of any colors which are matching your summer outfit.

2.Custom Ear Cuff

DIY Custom Earrings Ideas Pictutorial Guide

This one will take some time you need to cut a piece of small iron and wrap a golden paper around it then attach some nice fake diamond materials to it so it can look nice on your ears.

3.Custom Ear Drop

DIY Custom Earrings Ideas Pictutorial Guide

This is again simple and will need your creativity take some rubber wires and cut them to normal size it will depend on how longer you want it will be in fringe type shape.Add small pieces of iron or plastic to hold them together and attach the iron wires on them so they can be attached to your ears.

4.DIY Rose Earrings

DIY Custom Earrings Ideas Pictutorial Guide

This one is simplest among all you just need to find little roses these are available in the market and add the pins at their end make a lot of colorful pairs so you can wear each day with different colorful outfits during the summer season.

5.DIY Fringe Earrings

DIY Custom Earrings Ideas Pictutorial Guide

Fringe Earrings are similar to Ear Drop Earrings like the one we showed you earlier but there is a difference in this one fringe materials are used which can be easily bought from the market.Add Earring pieces on the top choose different colors these looks best with fringe dresses.

6.Custom Rhinestone Earrings

DIY Custom Earrings Ideas Pictutorial Guide

Rhinestone chain earrings will give you elegant look like the original jewelry this one is different from other custom earrings we showed.You just need a piece of rhinestones attach chain and earring pieces to it.The chain can be of different size don’t make it much longer just keep it normal.

7.Custom Sparkling Glitter Earring

DIY Custom Earrings Ideas Pictutorial Guide

Sparkling earrings are one of the most exciting designs you can wear.You need sparkling materials, wire and a pendant type material which will hold the sparkling materials in it.Attach wires on top of it and hold the sparkling materials inside with the help of a small glass or you can use glue to hold them together and you are ready to go anywhere you like.

8.Double Pearl Earrings

DIY Custom Earrings Ideas Pictutorial Guide

Pearls are in trend nowadays and double pearls will add more beauty you just need a pair of pearls in different sizes and hold them together with the help of wire and a connecting material.Remember to keep bigger pearl on the downside under your ears because it will look nice under your ears.

9.Clip On Heat Earring

DIY Custom Earrings Ideas Pictutorial Guide

Heart Earrings need more creativity and skills because you need to make a heart shape with wires it will depend on your skills how perfect heart you can make.

10.Bohemian Hoop Earring

DIY Custom Earrings Ideas Pictutorial Guide

If you are a bohemian fashion lover then you should try this custom earring.For Bohemian Hoop Earrings you need more skills and materials you can easily find them.Then just follow the guide in the above image and create something special for you.If it’s difficult for you to create these earrings then you can buy them these custom earrings are available on custom handmade shops.

These were the 10 DIY Custom Earrings Ideas which you can create in your home by using simple things that can be found in your home or you can buy them easily at low prices.Follow your favorite tutorial and create earrings for yourself.You can even gift them to your loved ones if you have skills then try to create more something that we have not mentioned above by getting inspired from these ideas.

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