Benefits of strawberry for the skin during summer

Summer season is here so we’ll pretty much see this fruit everywhere these days. Of course, it’s delicious to eat and you can make hundreds or desserts out of it but how about we tell you about the other takes you can have with this fruit!

They can surely do more than just satisfy your sweet tooth. Strawberries are filled with antioxidants and serve as a great source of vitamin C which is essential to make your hair, skin, and nails look healthy and glowing. We’re here to tell you about the beauty benefits of this fruit if you incorporate it into your beauty routine.

Benefits of strawberryBenefits of strawberry for the skin during summer

Protection against aging

Strawberries contain a great number of antioxidants in them which help prevent the destruction of collagen in your skin and helps produce more of it to make your skin look plumper. It further helps protect your skin from the harsh UV rays which can often leave your skin looking dry and dull and ultimately contribute to it looking older and aging faster.

Simply make a paste with mashing a couple of strawberries and mixing it with some honey to form a paste and apply it to your skin as a mask. Wash it off after 15-20 minutes to reveal radiant soft skin.

Fights against acneBenefits of strawberry for the skin during summer

Excess production of sebum, which is the root cause of acne, can be controlled by the nutrients present in this fruit. Being an acidic fruit, it can help prevent and remove the excess oil in your skin without ripping off any good oils from your skin.

UV Rays Protection

An anti-oxidant called Ellagic Acid is present in a greater quantity in strawberries which helps to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays and repairs and prior damage caused by these rays to restore the natural look of your skin. It also helps to reduce the formation of saggy skin or wrinkles that may emerge onto your skin due to excess sun exposure.

Cuts excess oil production

The richness of Vitamin C in strawberries can help you fight against the issue of oily skin. Simply make a paste by mashing a couple of strawberries and use it as an exfoliator as the seeds do an amazing job at exfoliating keeping the harshness very moderate. The acids present in strawberry further help to cut down the natural greasy oils on your skin.

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Skin lightener

Due to its acidic nature, it is extremely effective when it comes to lightening acne scars and any new or old blemishes. The lightening extracts present in it help with overall brightening your complexion if you have any tan or dead skin cell layer formed on your skin. Simple apply the juice of strawberry with the help of a cotton ball or a spray bottle and leave it on overnight to reveal beautiful glowing skin the next morning.  

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