Trendy Haircuts for this summer quarantine season

2020 seems to be the year of all the bold new fashion trends. What we’ve had previously seen were typical bobs, layers, steps, etc. but this year the hair trends are all about setting apart from the pre-established norms.

So, this year gives you a greater variety of haircuts so choose from and we’re here to talk about all of our top picks. If you’ve got straight hair, wavy or curly here, we’ve got all of you covered.

Top 5 Trendy Haircuts for this summer

Long bangsTrendy Haircuts for this summer quarantine season

This haircut is being done since ages not but recently it has caused quite the storm on social media again. Well, we’re not complaining because it surely changes your whole look and gives you a chic persona.

These bangs also help to shape your face better so those out there who’re concerned about their chubby check or defined jawlines, these bangs can surely help you with whatever you’re looking for!

Curly-Haired bangsTrendy Haircuts for this summer quarantine season

Who said bangs are only meant for straight hair? As we said earlier, this year is all about breaking away from the norms. So all you girls with curly hair out there don’t hesitate and get your bangs on!

You can either get short or long bangs whichever ones help you to express your style better. But be sure to go to the right styles because these bangs can be pretty tricky to cut!

Short LayersTrendy Haircuts for this summer quarantine season

This trend seems to be timeless. This cut is best for short thin hair because it really helps to define your hair and helps bring more volume into your hair even if your hair fine straight hair because the layers surely help life the end of our hair by taking off excess weight.

Moreover, it’s a very low maintenance hair cut as even once your hair grows out, it’ll still look like normal layers and you won’t need extra salon trips to maintain them.

Side-Shaved headTrendy Haircuts for this summer quarantine season

This haircut is for those girls who do not fear anything and love to experiment with their looks. This haircut is bound to give you that rock punk look and obviously will help you beat that summer heat as well.

Although hard to maintain but the results, once you get this haircut done, is all the more worth it. This haircut will surely make you stronger and stand out because you’re about to get louder with your looks this year!

Long LayersTrendy Haircuts for this summer quarantine season

This is the safest and “fish and chips” of haircuts. Who doesn’t already know about this haircut? If you don’t want to let go of those long locks of yours but still want to upgrade your looks, this cut is surely for you then.

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Plus there are so many ways to style it from curling it to straightening it or making some statement braids out of it, there’s so much you can do with this cut so why not try it?

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