Makeup trends and tips to try this summer 2020

This summer is all about out of the norm makeup trends. Loud and flashy colors, glitter and shiny glossy lips are some of the features of this season. This year we’re truly representing the bold and beautiful side of our and are majorly directing towards rebellious and assertive looks.

From what we saw on ramps this year worldwide, we seemed to see that not only the present trends were revamped but new styles were invented to change the makeup game this year. We’re here to bring you the top two out of all those trends that stood out the most for us and hope that you will love them and follow them as well!

Makeup trends and tipsMakeup trends and tips to try this summer 2020

Glossy lips:

Big lips have been a huge trend this couple of years and everyone, be it celebrities or us normie girls, everyone seemed to love this trend and wanted to follow it. Worry not; this glossy lips trend tends to give you that bigger lips look so it assures us that every girls’ lips will surely be coated with gloss this season.Makeup trends and tips to try this summer 2020

This trend comes in two variations; either apply a thick layer of clear gloss to have that natural glowy look or get fancy and apply a bold shade to give you more color and volume on the lips. This trend is seemingly easy to follow. Simply apply a matte lipstick in the middle of your lips and then coat a layer of gloss on top of it so that it captures all the light to give out that shine and enhance your natural lips.

Loud eyes:

Okay, so this trend came in several variations. The first one is to get your glitz and glam on and apply some of that glitter to your eyes, either on lids or inner corners of your eyes to give your eyes that elaborate look and to make any casual outfit fun and fancy.  Second, take some loud neon colors of cream of powder shades and apply it onto your upper or lower lip and get all artsy with these looks.Makeup trends and tips to try this summer 2020

Apply a highlighted shade of neon in the inner corner of your eyes to make your eyes sparkle. It’s okay if you like it minimal with the colors, we’ve got a trend for you as well. Simply swipe on some neon shade onto your liner brush and apply and colorful liner and finish off with some mascara to add a hint of pop to your outfit.

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We’re surely in love with the variety of looks these trends have to offer and are surely looking forward to pairing them with our favorite outfits and strut our style at the parties coming our way. So get out of your comfort zone and try them out because we’re sure when we say that you will love them!

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