Smart Layering Ideas for a Sexy Look in Chilling Winters

Winter is the season of love, prom night parties & valentine week celebration. Your entire weekend remains engaged with friends or lover in nice restaurants or pubs.

In the summer season, it is easy to expose your beautiful curves in flaunting attires, but in winters, you have to compromise. In chilling weather, dressing idea must be adopted according to the weather condition. If your closet is full of boring cardigans or overcoats, it’s time to explore your innovative instinct.

By combining your already existing attires with some new one, you can attain a dazzling look that no one can ignore. Whether it is a romantic date or party with friends, utilizing layering idea for prom dress in 2019 will always give a distinctive appearance.

Forget the long dresses with sweep trains and deep necks because they have become very common and practically unsuitable for winters. Rather than just thinking about fashion, make sure that your body is also protected with adequate fiber. Here is a list of some layering suggestion that will keep you look attractive while insulating adequately.

Basic layering idea for winters

Before adopting the layering process, you must be aware of its basic principles. In simple words, layering means combining attires of different types in a systematic way to attain different look without prom dress in 2019. If it is done perfectly, no one even will identify whether you are wearing new or old attires.

Basic principle for preparing yourself is starting with the thinnest attire and ending with the thickest one. While selecting such kinds of attires, make sure that your clothes are matching in a specific colour theme.

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Creative suggestions for layering in winters

1.Utilize your skinny jeans

As casual bottom wear, skinny jeans will always help to support you in all seasons. For layering, it is the perfect option because jeans are compatible with almost every attire.

2.Tissue thin long sleeve t-shirt

The main preparation of layering is meant for the top. Therefore you need to start it with the thinnest fabric. Get a tissue thing long or short sleeve t-shirt. Most of the t-shirt will remain hidden under the new layers, thus; you can have multiple options to select the color.

3.Warm Cashmere Sweater

This is the coziest alternative to long and boring cardigans. The cashmere sweaters are very smooth & comfortable to wear without turning you into a winters freak. It is also a great option if you are preferring with skirts and long locks.

4.Chambray button down

If you don’t like sweaters at all, there is a better modern alternative as a chambray button down. This is a slim fit attire that suits perfectly with an inner layer. Even if you already have 2 layers, the third one is easily adjustable.

5.Fur coat

One of the evergreen and sexiest attire of winters is a fur coat.right after a tissue-thin t-shirt, you can wear it comfortably. It also allows multiple layers to adjust in case there is snowfall on your date.

5.Knee-high boots

Of course, nothing is better than a payer of knee-high boots to complement with your layering style. It is compatible with both jeans and a skirt. However, skinny jeans will look more attractive.

7.Printed scarf

If you are going out in a formal prom dresses, get a printed scarf alongside to enhance the grace of your neckline. Make sure that your scarf is not hiding if there is any lace or beadwork.

If traditional dresses like a prom ball gown, short dress, long dress and evening gown are no longer looking attractive, bring some change in your fashion sense. These are some casual but creative ideas to keep your appearance hotter in winters season.

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