8 Ways To Rock Summer Fashion In Minimal Budget

The blazing summer season is at its full swing and its bikini time. Besides getting your curvy summer figure ready, it’s time to put away the cozy winter clothes. I know summer is not an easy season as perspiration, clamminess, and the hot sun takes away the freshness from your face.

However, another fact is that summer is an ideal season for fashionistas. You can experiment with anything you want from short cotton dresses to shirt dresses, denim shorts, and tank tops. The vibrant clothes like powerful color brush storks on canvas, summer can be fun. Nonetheless, affordability is the harsh reality we all have to face. We all want the best for ourselves; girls always want to be at the top of their fashion game but without exceeding our budget. Brands are getting so expensive that a normal mediocre girl cannot afford branded clothing for her wardrobe.

If you are struggling with the limited budget yet willing to master the summer fashion game, then stay connected as this article will help you take your fashion game up a notch without interrupting your budget. All you have to do is shop sensibly and invest in classic pieces that can be dresses in multiple ways. Therefore, below are some fashion tips and tricks you need to look charismatic.

  • Go for lighter colors:8 Ways To Rock Summer Fashion In Minimal Budget

Talking about summer fashion light colors is the first thing hitting our mind. Their ability to keep you cool and easy breezy makes the light color a favorable choice for summers. So firstly my suggestion to all the fashionistas is to opt for light colors such a white, powder blue, pinks, peach, and the entire lighter tone. While shopping for tops opt for solid color in pastel shades as there are multiple ways you can style a light color. Moreover, you can never go wrong with a white top. An absolute wardrobe essential you can pair a white top with denim shorts and a skirt.

  • A neutral color big carryall:

Next up we have bags, summers mean opting for a big bag to fit in the majority of your needs. A tote bag or carryall is a great option to meet your summer fashion goals. My suggestion would be to go for a neutral color bag such a skin, brown, white or black that complements most of your outfits. Moreover, the highlight is that it would accommodate the majority of your necessities. You need perfume, body mist, sunblock, comb, scarf, and Walter bottle to keep you hydrated. It is a one-time investment to fulfill your fashion needs for the entire summer season.

  • Shades:8 Ways To Rock Summer Fashion In Minimal Budget

Summer season is at its full swing so the time or invest in some classic shades to make you look classy and elegant. Purchase one stylish Sunglass that can go with the majority of your outfits. After all, shades are an absolute summer wardrobe essential.

Besides serving as a barrier between you and sunlight, shades also help you serve some major fashion goals as statement eyewear is the hottest fashion trend. You can opt for classic blacks and Browns or white stylish cat-eye shaped sunglass to help you slay the fashion game. Moreover, the fun part is that you won’t need more accessories with it. All you have to do buy a stylish shade and you are sorted.

  • Denim shorts and jeans:

Summers mean skin show time; shorts and skirts are the ideal summer wardrobe staple of all the fashionistas. So play smart and shop for classic blue denim shorts or jeans to go with the majority of your tops.8 Ways To Rock Summer Fashion In Minimal Budget

Moreover, white shorts are also trending nowadays so you can also go for white. One shopping that will finish the majority of your outfit. Blue denim short with a white shirt is a classic combination you would love. Furthermore, white shirt with white shorts or skirt is a simple and classy combination you would love. You can also buy jeans since you can never go wrong with jeans.

  • Accessories:

Regardless of the fact that whatever you wear, the perfect accessory can render accurate finishing touches to your attire. For accessories, my suggestion is not to go over the top with accessories.

In Fact, you can buy multiple cheap bracelets and stack them up. Since stacked up bracelets are trending nowadays so a plain top and shorts with stacked up brackets would be a nice idea for that quirky and young look. Moreover, you can use big chunky earrings with simple dressing for that OOTD in your overall look. Nonetheless, a simple watch can also cater your all day and night accessory needs for all the fashionista. It is an affordable way for your fun college look, dinner night or brunch with the girl gang.

  • No makeups look:

In terms of summer fashion less is more, so my suggestion to you is to go for the no-makeup makeup look. A smart way is to invest in classic pieces that can serve you in multiple ways.8 Ways To Rock Summer Fashion In Minimal Budget

Basic 5 to 6 products are sufficient to cater to your fashion needs for the entire season. All you need is to buy a quality BB cream as a foundation, a mascara for the open and bright eye, a lip and cheek tint for the natural pinkish look, a nude lipstick, and coal pencil to use in multiple of ways. Trust me with these products you can create any kind of look and rock the no makeup look like a fresh makeup face.

  • Cotton and short dress:8 Ways To Rock Summer Fashion In Minimal Budget

Summer is all about comfortable easy clothes that take away the hot summer weather. Therefore, a floral cotton dress is an absolute summer wardrobe essential. You can use it as it is for a casual day time or team it up with some striking accessory and you are all ready for a slight formal event. Moreover, short dresses look utterly appealing for girls who wish to flaunt their sexy legs. Besides they look super cool and girly as well.

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  • Gladiators and flip flops:8 Ways To Rock Summer Fashion In Minimal Budget

Last but not least we have footwear. It is an admitted fact that the majority of people take the idea of your personality through your footwear. Gladiators are the first name that strikes my mind in terms of trendy summer footwear. Looking extremely sexy with denim shorts, you can surely buy a brown or beige color gladiator for that trendy yet sleek look. Moreover, a spunky fun flip flops in another mind-blowing idea for a perfect day or beach look.

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