Earth Sheltered Homes Energy Efficient Home Ideas

In the modern world nowadays we are now focusing on technology to save some energy in the form of solar panels, energy efficient glass and mobile form factor homes.

But people living millions of years ago have the best idea of energy efficient homes that is to build houses partially underground with the land.

If you are planning to build a home that is earth-sheltered then you need to go to hillside area.

Earth Sheltered Homes Need HillSide Area

You can use hills to build houses in them or built the structure of hill to create the house inside it.

Hills should not be either too longer in height and not short just necessary enough to build your home.Earth Sheltered Homes

These types of homes are part of human civilization from many years they provide more warmth than caves.

These homes are always warm and best for northern side because of thermal mass it will stay warm inside.

Ground will absorb the heat maintaining the inside temperature of sheltered home warm and consistent.

They have a very solid structure because house is inside the land which is solid and if someone is looking from upper side your house won’t be visible because its hidden inside the land.

Better Privacy

Because it is build inside the land no one can look inside your house and it will be sound proof also.

So better privacy and better lifestyle if you are considering relax environment as your first priority then go for these houses.

Just like every other home design these homes are also divided into different categories which are designed differently.

  • Earth berming
  • In hill construction
  • Fully recessed construction

Each of these designs use land but in different way some have little or no space outside you will see just a door and wall from other side of the hill.

While others have one wall outside next to the hill it is used in modern design.Vintage style was completely inside the land so humans can protect themselves at that time.

Below we have a gallery of images consisting of Earth Sheltered Homes of different types see them and share it with your friends.

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