Winter Stoler Collection So Kamal Fabrics 2016

Winter stoler collection is basically the shawls and scarfs which you can wear on this cold and foggy season on any type of outfit these are designed by So Kamal brand.

In winter there are different types of traditional scarf’s which Pakistani women likes to wear with any type of dress.Shawls,scarfs,stolers all three are used to cover your body in cold season how they differ to themselves?

These are in different designs a shawl is mostly used on shalwar kameez dress.The scarfs are around the neck area only and the stolers are biggest and larger in size of them all.These are used to cover full body no matter which type of outfit you are wearing.

Winter Stoler Collection So Kamal Fabrics 2016

This collection has been gorgeously melded in the combos of wintry colors like Blue, Cyan, purple, Orange, gray, espresso, Black, Maroon and multi colors.You are going to in finding each printed and dyed shawls and scarfs in Winter Stoler Collection.

Printed stoles has made with simple and amazing patterns, while the dyed stoles has additionally crafted with thin lines in squares.So Kamal has supplied Scarfs and Shawls on this stole winter collection.

Price Range :-800-1300 rupees

These stoles has crafted in easy however eye-catching floral and geometric patterns which broaden the allure of your persona.In this assortment So Kamal has offered elegant and astonishing stoles to wear in this cold season.

winter scarves

These stoles has crafted with such charming styles and designs that every age crew of girl and women may also be worn these stoles in this winter season.This collection has been crafted in the heat material of Wool.

This material is likely one of the most demanding material to wear in wintry weather, because this material covers you from the cold air and make you calm within the icy days of wintry weather season.

See Winter Stoler Collection in pix gallery by the So Kamal brand and see what winter accessories you can have on yourselves.


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