Traditional Style Groom & Bridal Wear By Arslan Iqbal 2015-16

These traditional style marriage dresses are designed for both Groom and Brides specially for the weddings in Pakistan.See the pix to look at the latest collection by Arslan Iqbal.

Arslan Iqbal is mostly famous for the Groom sherwani designs but this time he have designed bridal dresses also.Take a look at the bridal collection as these are the new work from the best sherwani designer in Pakistan.Men love to wear sherwani on their wedding that’s why this collection have different types of sherwani’s.

Traditional Style Groom Sherwani 

groom sherwani desigs

You should try one of these on your wedding day you can also wear sherwani on Eid parties and other special events of your life.All of them are watching awesome in their eye-catching designs. These Arsalan Iqbal groom sherwanis & bridal attire 2015 for guys have embellished with high first-rate fabrics as well as elaborations.

Traditional Style Bridal Dress

bridal dress

Arsalan Iqbal has meant these sherwanis with stuffed with modernity and high ends. These Arsalan Iqbal sherwanis 2015 for guys have embellished with embroidery. These sherwanis are superb for grooms and groomsmen. The colours used for these sherwanis are vibrant reminiscent of black, brown and off-white.

Groom Sherwani Designs This Season 

groom sherwani

Arsalan Iqbal has intended these sherwanis in step with the most up-to-date fashion pattern.Arsalan Iqbal has launched his new and most recent collection of sherwani designs 2015 for grooms. These sherwanis are watching swish and awesome of their designs. These sherwanis are superb for grooms and groomsmen. These Arsalan Iqbal stylidh groom sherwanis & bridal put on attire 2015 have decorated with excessive finish and colours.

Arslan Iqbal Clothing For Weddings 

Arsalan Iqbal is without doubt one of the most famous and gifted fashion designers of Pakistan. Arsalan Iqbal is a fashion clothier who has been working in the area of trend as year 2011. Arsalan Iqbal offers collections for groom and bridals both. Arsalan Iqbal has intended and launched so many clothes and improved a good response. After the high-quality release of that collection, now Arsalan Iqbal groom sherwanis & bridal clothes 2015 for men have released.

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