Minimal 5-minute make up for the days you’re feeling lazy

The work from home routine has been going on for almost a year now and most of us have become quite used to it by now. It has become a norm for most of us and we have accepted it as our comfort zone.

For those of us who have been staying inside all this time, it has now become a hassle to get ourselves to dress up fancy for anywhere if we have to go out. Sitting in pajamas all day sipping on the day from our sofas has grown on us over time. But now the situation seems to be getting better so it’s time now that we all get back in shape.

Most of us will now either be having video conferences from home or will have to physically go to work. It is not necessary that you wear a full face of makeup for both. A minimal look can take you a long way and save you so much time and hassle.

Here are some time-saving makeup techniques that will get your lazy-self back in its shape!

BB CreamsMinimal 5-minute make up for the days you’re feeling lazyy

The key to looking awake and fresh is to keep your skin moisturized so that it looks plumped and fresh. But let’s accept that layering product on the product is quite a hassle and not all of us can do it every day. The easy way to go about it is by simply using a BB cream.

This will help you moisturize your skin, provide a barrier against the sun due to the SPF present in it, and will give you an even skin tone. BB cream will add a healthy tint and glow to your face to even out the complexion.

It will form a light coverage onto your face and will not block your pores and allow your skin to breathe while covering any imperfections on it. This lightweight product is your 3 in 1 fix for moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation hence it will help you save uptime.

MascaraMinimal 5-minute make up for the days you’re feeling lazy

If there was any product that created the most impact on its own on your face then that would be the mascara for sure. This makeup product instantly adds so much drama to your face in a simple step. When we wake up in the morning, we have tired and puffy eyes which can make us look tired.

Applying mascara will instantly give your eyes a more open look and will also cover up any eye bags or puffiness from the lack of sleep. Skip the hassle of applying eyeliner or kajal every morning. Even applying falsies every day is not possible and also not healthy for your eyes. A simple coat or two of mascara on your lashes can make a drastic change on your face.

LipstickMinimal 5-minute make up for the days you’re feeling lazy

While your face may be looking flat and pale in the morning, a simple fresh pink or nude shade of lipstick can instantly uplift your whole look. It will add so much freshness and color to your face that you will certainly be looking radiant all day long.

Choose a shade of soft pink lipstick rather than matte lip paint because the lipstick will help keep your lips hydrated the whole day. You can apply a bit of the same lipstick to your cheeks and eyelids as well to add a natural flush and glow to your face.

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