Men’s Spring Dresses Amir Adnan Collection 2016

Men’s Spring Dresses Amir Adnan Collection is the combination of western and eastern dresses for men and boys which you can wear casually and formally.

Amir Adnan is the famous sherwani designer for grooms on wedding events but from some years he have been producing formal and casual wearing clothes for men too.In this Men’s Spring Dresses collection you will find everything shalwar kameez.

Pant shirts and sherwani every thing you need to wear on formal or casual occasions are presented in this Men’s Spring Dresses collection.Tv actor and model Azfer Rehman did the modeling for Amir Adnan spring/summer campaign.

Men sherwani designs

The western style clothing you are seeing in this collection are all winter and spring clothing thick and warm fabrics pant shirts.Which boys can wear till the spring season after that it will be so hot you can’t wear them.

The eastern dresses like shalwar kameez can be worn in late spring season too because men shalwar kameez dresses are not much of warm fabrics.The sherwani’s in this Men’s Spring Dresses collection can only be worn on special events that you like it can be a wedding or some party.

Men dress with shawls

Sherwani’s are made from thick fabrics but these can be worn all over the season.As weddings most happen only in the winter season that’s why sherwani is a heavy dress because it is made for the groom.

You will see a shawl type scarf for men too in one of the dresses that you can take with you when there is a cool breeze outside.Men shawls are the villagers clothing most of the men living in villages takes long shawls.

But the designer have taken that idea and converted into modern fashion.That’s why this Men’s Spring Dresses collection is a mixture of modern and traditional clothing for men.Amir Adnan have worked hard to bring you such collection see all the dresses in the following gallery.

Men’s Spring Dresses Pix

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