Human Hair Extension Care Home Remedies

Hair Extension needs the care to maintain your long hairs or different hair look you need to care for these products. Find out how you can take care of these products by using these home remedies we are going to share 4 best remedies.

Most of us believe that taking care of hair extension products will cost a lot and we need to buy extra accessories.

Caring is necessary for any product because if we don’t care then chances of getting expire are sooner although they will expire anyway in the future.

Hair extensions are used by a woman who wants to change their hairstyle or wanted to have long hairs. These are also used as hair protectors some woman use it to protect their original hairs.

So today, we have 4 home remedies which will help you in to take care of hair extension products.

Hair Extension Care Home RemediesHair extension care

Using Honey

Honey can be used in a variety of different ways for hair and beauty. You can keep your hair extensions in honey and virgin oil to get them moist and hydrated. Use the mixture as a hair conditioner and you will never have to worry about the drying of hair extensions.

You can even use honey on your head this mixture will help you to grow your hairs and makes them healthy.


If you want to use your hair extensions for a long time and wanted those hairs to remain strong throughout the time then use coconut oil as the hair conditioner. Coconut oil is packed with proteins and vitamins to make your hair healthy.

You can use different combinations of coconut oil or milk and combine it with honey and olive oil to make a mixture which can be used on hairs. You can use this mixture in spray form too and can be sprayed on hairs any time of the day.


Lemon is essential in many ways it can be used for skin care and hairs too. You can use lemon juice and rosemary oil as hair freshener. This solution will help you to keep your hairs shiny and fresh throughout the day. We will recommend it to use it on the sunny hot day.

Baking Soda

When looking to clean the hair extensions you can find different expensive shampoos available in the market. You should go with an organic shampoo if it’s out of your budget and you don’t want to experiment with any market product then you can make a cleanser with baking soda. Mix baking soda in lukewarm water and wash your hair extensions within that water it will clean off all the dirt.

Our Thoughts

It’s always not necessary to put a stress on your pocket sometimes you can use simple things found in your kitchen and make them useful by following the ideas we have given. These can be easily used on your human hairs too but don’t try to experiment by mixing so many things.

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