Dry Brushing: All You Need To Know

Summer is the season when you have to flaunt that skin of yours so you need it to be soft, smooth, and flawless at all times.

The winter season can leave your skin looking dull due to the dryness caused during this time and you wax or shave your skin less so there is less exfoliation involved and more dead skin build-up which can leave your skin looking quite dull. But, nothing to worry about, dry brushing is here to solve your skin related problems and we’ve got you covered about how to go about it.

Dry brushing is a massage technique to gently massage your skin in a circular motion using a body brush that has rough yet moveable bristles. This exfoliation process is being carried out since ancient times and is considered to be convenient yet highly effective.

Dry Brushing TechniquesDry Brushing All You Need To Know

You should carry out this exfoliation method at least 10 minutes before heading for a bath. Without applying anything on your skin, simply rub the brush in gentle circular motions on your dry skin.

This process can also be done after you’ve taken a shower and your pores are open and ready for some exfoliation, but remember to be gentle as water can make your skin soft and sensitive.

This technique can be done about twice or thrice a week depending upon the sensitivity of your skin. Dry brushing has numerous benefits. It helps drive out any buildup on your skin and helps draw out and eliminate any ingrown hair on your body to make the wax and shave process even more effective and long-lasting.

It will also bring about a glow in your skin as the top layer of dirt and dead skin cells is removed to reveal the new layer of skin that is smooth, soft, and flawless hence improving the overall look of your skin.

Furthermore, it helps to shed all those dead cells so that the growth of new healthy skin cells is promoted to help make your skin look youthful and glowing. It also helps eliminate the cellulite in your body because as you are massaging, the knots under your skin break free and there is not more of an equal distribution of skin everywhere.

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With all these benefits attached we would surely encourage and promote the use of dry brushes for every girl and boy out there, it is not only healthy for your outer skin but also detoxifies you from within. So, go ahead and give this try

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