4 Different and Natural Ways to fix Oily Hair

We all face oily hair problems in our lives there are different medications and treatments available but we are going to focus on the natural way. Getting into the shower every day seems like the perfect idea to do to kill the heat and to get rid of the sticky feeling all over your body.

Taking a shower may help you get rid of your greasy hair but for some people, this problem persists throughout the year. It is not hygiene which is the primary reason for greasy hair. If you are also a few of those cursed people who have to deal with this issue then we are here to point out some of the common mistakes you might be making to trigger it even further.

Excessive washing

It sounds nonsensical; yet shampooing each day makes your scalp stay at work overtime and makes it dry. At the point when our skin feels dry, it creates more sebum and the equivalent is valid for our scalp. Rather than assaulting your head with all the more cleaning items ( particularly shampoos containing silicones and sulfates) check if you have dandruff or chipping of the scalp.

This may highlight another issue like dermatitis that your skin is attempting to manage by creating oils. Have a go at shampooing at regular intervals and utilizing a dry cleanser in the middle to spruce up.4 Different and Natural Ways to fix Oily Hair

Not brushing your hair enough

In case you’ve observed that your scalp feels greasy however your ends appear brittle and dry, you could not be brushing often sufficient. Brushing your hair, even if it’s short, allows redistributing oils out of your scalp on your ends. Paddle brushes with natural bristles like boar are famous for making hair look wholesome and sleek, due to the fact they distribute your scalp’s oils superbly.

Skipping on oiling

Yes, you examine that effectively. Listen to us out: oiling your hair earlier than a wash truly facilitates to nourish the scalp right earlier than a shampoo. That makes it less possible to your shampoo to completely strip your scalp of all its moisture.

A nourished scalp then typically produces less sebum. Strive to massage your scalp with a pure oil like olive or coconut as soon as every week earlier than showering.

Applying conditioner to your scalp

Conditioner is great for restoring some moisture lower back into the ends of the hair, but it must by no means contact your pores and skin. Now not best is it recognized to purpose zits, but it can additionally create buildup to your scalp, which increases the greasiness that makes your hair fall limp. Make sure to use a totally small amount and work it into your ends, gently combing downwards along with your fingers.

Skipping the doctor’s appointment

If you tried everything from DIY hacks available on the internet like using vinegar adding salt to shampoo etc. So now is the best time to consult a dermatologist or endocrinologist. Overactive sebaceous glands can point to a hormonal imbalance, and no amount of home treatments will work if the foundation motive (no pun supposed) is not determined. In case you also suffer from chronic pimples, your medical doctor may prescribe remedies like Accutane to decrease oil production.

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