Black Pearl Evening Wear Galia Lahav Collection 2016

Black Pearl Evening Wear are new Haute Couture dresses by Galia Lahav for the summer season lets see all the new designs by Galia Lahav.

Galia Lahav is one of the leading Haute Couture dress designer in the world from the land of glamour dresses Israel.Both evening wear and bridal collections are famous of this designer label.

Black Pearl is inspired by stories of Pirates and Mermaids and hidden treasure like the movie Pirates of the Caribbean Galia Lahav have taken those inspirations and converted them into designs and patterns of dresses.

Black pear Evening Wear

This collection includes dark color scheme with luxury embellishments and high quality luxury fabrics.Dark purple,red,black,silver and light colored rose are the main color scheme for this collection.

Lace,sequins,velvet,silk Georgette,embroidered patterns,tulle are the patterns and fabrics that are used in all of the dresses.Every dress is categorized by its name that is according to the dress wearing personality of the women.

Evening wear collections are always attractive specially from Galia Lahav because designer have used every type of work that is needed to look chic fabulous and elegant.We have shared some of this label collections before you can see Haute Couture Ivory Tower Collection which were for the spring season.

Black pearl evening Wear

Now these are more of summer and autumn dresses with lots of luxury work applied on them.Jewelry you are seeing on the images are not with the dresses these are for examples to show you how you can dress up with jewelry items.

These are celebrity type gowns which you will see on the red carpets if you want to dress up like your favorite celeb then you should try any of the dress shown.All dresses are suitable for women that likes to attend parties and events.

Whether its a wedding or some special occasion Black Pearl Evening Wear Galia Lahav Collection is perfect for every occasion that is special to you.

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