Zanisha Embroidered Collection Al Zohaib Textiles 2016

Zanisha Embroidered Collection is one of the signature collections for the summer season that have been launching from some years and keeps updating.

This is the three piece summer lawn one of the summer collections that Al Zohaib textiles keep updating every year.Zanisha is the famous lawn clothing collection that Al Zohaib is designing from some years now.

Every year Al Zohaib textiles launched different collections some of them are their signature collections which keeps updating every season.Zanisha collections always have beautiful prints and designs which women can wear in their casual and formal routines.

Zanisha Embroidered Collection Al Zohaib Textiles 2016

Some dresses of this collection are for causal wearing and some for formal you will see embroidered work on neckline bottom and different prints on every part of the dress shirt is more with different prints.

As this is the three piece collection shirts duppatas and trousers are with same design patterns floral patterns are more seen then any artistic printed work because of the spring/summer collection.

Spring/summer collections are for both season when brands will focus only on summer dressing then floral prints are not much used but when its about both seasons characteristics of these seasons are used on printing.

Zanisha Embroidered Collection

Like flowers are blooming in spring that’s why floral embroidered work is done on the dresses because its the season and trend for this weather condition.This will be the rainy season in some areas of the country and for that best color combination of light and dark are chosen.

This is what Al Zohaib have done throughout the season and in this collection too beautiful colors in different varieties are done with embroidery and digital prints on some dresses this is just Zanisha prints.

There are still more that we have not even shared you can look more designs on their Facebook page first lets see Zanisha Embroidered Collection from the gallery and see what brand have done this time for you.

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