Using Dry Shampoo And Its Benefits For Your Hairs

Dry Shampoo are great alternate to regular shampoo because it will absorb the oil and grease in your hair with drying the scalp.

These shampoos are not available commercially you have to buy them from those shops which have hair products.You must have not seen their advertisement before but these exists because these are more of hair treatment then a regular shampoo.

Using Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Choosing Shampoo

There are many types of these shampoos available in the market these are not in the form like your other shampoos you may get it in powder or spray form.If you want solution for your scalp then try the powder one and if you want to dry out the oil then have the spray.

Hair Combing

Comb your hair before applying it to your hairs if you are wearing bands,hair pins take all of them off and comb your hairs so they can become free.

Applying It

For powder dry shampoo sprinkle it over the areas that are oilier rub and massage it with your fingers on them.In case you are choosing the spray one hold it 6-7 inch away from the head and spray all over it.

After spraying it is recommended to to brush your hairs so that it can reach the roots and all areas of the head.Apply on the tops and roots both but your more focus should be on the roots.

It will take time to settle around 10 minutes and it will reach the roots women who have more oilier hair may have to wait little bit longer.After doing it comb your hairs so extra spray or powder can be removed shake your head upside down.

Don’t apply dry shampoo on wet hairs first dry them and then you can use the chosen one don’t use it continuously without using water.


Timer Saver

If you are hurry and don’t have time to take bath then dry shampoo is the best choice because it does not needed to be applied when you are bathing.

Handy When Your Shower Not Working

It can be handy when your shower is not working it can be water problem or you are somewhere else traveling you can use it to bring shine in your hairs.

Defense System

It saves your hairs from humid and other weather conditions so its necessary if your hairs are exposed to rash weather conditions then always apply and use it.

Self Made Option

You can even create your own shampoo with things that are found in your kitchen including baking soda,cornstarch and baby powder.

Using Overnight

Apply it to your hairs at night when you are going to sleep and in the morning you will have gorgeous and shiny hairs.

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