Threadz Unstitched Lawn Dresses Summer Collection 2016

Threadz Unstitched Lawn Dresses are in vibrant and bold colors with beautiful designs of embroidered prints that can be worn on summer special occasion.

This collection have both 2 pcs and 3 pcs dresses in elegant embroidered patterns that can be worn on any event that are coming up in the summer season.Threadz have used lawn fabric to fabricate these beautiful dresses.

From the start of this year Threadz have been showing their fancy and casual dresses most of their collections are for parties with charming prints.Threadz is not so old brand this came up within years and got famous because of their printed work.

Threadz Unstitched Lawn Dresses Summer Collection 2016

Shirts and duppatas are crafted with floral patterns because this is the trend of summer season all brands focus on this design pattern but present these in their own way.Every brand have their signature design from that the brand is known.

Women are always smarter they can guess the brand quality work by just touching the dress some men are also careful about their clothing but not much of them care about it.But when it comes to women clothing every thing is well designed.

That’s why there are more women clothing collections then the men this collection is fancy because it has pearl elements on the shirts.Which will make you luxury during the event you are going to wear these dresses.

Price of these dresses are lesser because these are in unstitched forms you have to stitched them by yourself or by contacting your tailor.Some retailers also provide this facility you can choose according to your need.

Threadz Unstitched Lawn Dresses

Price range of these dresses is 1,745 to 3,645 rupees prices vary because of designs and patterns if a design is much fancier then it will be costly if its in simple type print then it will be economical.

So check out all the Threadz Unstitched Lawn Dresses Summer Collection designs from the gallery and find the dress you are looking for to wear on events there will be more collections coming so stay tuned for more.

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