Teena Spring Luxury Collection Hina Butt 2016

Teena Spring Luxury Collection is the traditional party wear outfits for women designed by Hina Butt Teena is the collection name which updates every season.

Teena is the formal and party wear collection name that Hina Butt introduces in new way every season.You must have seen this collection in the summer season too but it was made from summer fabrics.

In winter there are more formal and weddings events in Pakistan so collections launched in winter will go up to the spring season wearing.This Teena Spring Luxury Collection is luxury in terms of fabric and lace work you will find in all of the dresses.

Luxury traditional dress

High quality pure silk and velvet fabrics are used in making of this Teena Spring Luxury Collection.The dresses are in 2 piece kameez and tights forms all the kameez are in half sleeves designs.

Because these are for the spring wearing that’s why half sleeve kameez are available in this collection.Spring in Pakistan is bit hot and bit cold too that’s why in dresses you will see combination of winter and summer.

Luxury party wear outfit

The fabrics are used of winter season and designs are of summer season like half sleeves.The embroidered and printed work is not much done mostly simple luxury prints can be found one some parts of the dresses.

On some dresses around neckline area you will find beautiful lace work that will look more elegant and stylish on you.Different designs of dresses can be seen in Teena Spring Luxury Collection some are traditional kurti type designs and some are open jacket type kameez.

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The open jacket kameez type designs are suitable on wedding events.As you will see in the image the designs on both sides of the kameez is looking marvelous and best for teen girls.

These dresses are suitable for young girls and working women to wear on special events.Some of the pix of dresses are presented in gallery below take a look at them.If you like any of the dresses and want to buy one go to the official website of Hina Butt.

Teena Spring Luxury Collection Pix


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