Signature Icon ZS Textiles Summer Collection 2016

Signature Icon ZS Textiles Summer Collection are the modern traditional dresses for women that will make your styling more appealing check all designs.

ZS textiles have launched two different types of traditional dresses collection from lawn fabric the first one which we have shared before is more like traditional shalwar kameez dresses.

But this Signature Icon collection is more into modern designs which you can wear anywhere.This collection is more elegant and stylish in terms of designs and patterns from the earlier launched collection.

Signature Icon ZS textiles Summer Collection

The price tag of dresses from ZS textiles is always cheap you can get single dress of this collection from 1,875 rupees.Every dress have the same price tag so you don’t have to worry about the price just choose the design you like.

These dresses are available in 3 piece forms fabricated in comfortable cotton lawn to make your summer more relaxed season.ZS textiles is one of the top designer brand of Pakistan their collections are always in lower price because brand main focus is on common people.

This is just the start of heat season and already two collections have been launched there are still more in pipeline by the brand.

You will find different lengths of shirts some are long and some are mid suitable for every occasion where you want to look stylish and elegant and this outfits will provide you that.

Signature Icon ZS Textiles Summer Collection

Most of the printed work is based on floral patterns which all brands are focusing on this season but some other printed work can be seen also.Designers have used different patterns on every dress which is a complete style statement for you.

These shirts are shown with trousers some are printed trousers and some are in plain designs.Printed designs are more of interest because that is something what women wants for this season.

We have already mentioned the price tag you can buy these dresses online from ZS textile website check all the prints of Signature Icon ZS Textiles Summer Collection.

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