Sana Samia Embroidered Summer Lawn Collection 2016

Sana Samia Embroidered Summer Lawn Collection is the signature lawn dresses collection by Lala Textiles which keeps updated every season.

After launching different modern designs of summer lawn which we have already shown you Lala textiles is back with their signature shalwar kameez collection known as Sana Samia lawn.

Lala textiles have been designing Sana Samia lawn from some years now every season they will introduce new prints and patterns as you can see in the images.

This is one of the cheapest 3 piece shalwar kameez branded collection available in the market you can get one set of dress from 2,250 rupees.You will find one of the classical designs of embroidered patterns that are done in modern way to refresh the Sana Samia Lawn.

Sana Samia Embroidered Summer Lawn Collection

At the time of posting this article this collection is still coming soon in some days but until you read maybe it has already been available on stores.

Lala textiles collections can be bought from anywhere you can find their dresses on small shops too if you are not finding their main retail stores.Even in small cities which do not have big shopping malls have their collections on local shops.

This is always been the casual wear for Pakistani women and even now with modern prints still you can wear only in casual time.In daily routine or in home for house wives these dresses are not specific for one age group of women.

Sana Samia Embroidered Summer Lawn Collection 2016

You will find embroidered patterns on sleeves shirts bottom and neckline area these dresses are shown with shalwars.Not most of the brands now a days use shalwars now because trousers have taken their place and shalwars are now old fashioned.

But Lala have introduced shalwars with these shirts which is looking absolutely classical in traditional Pakistani fashion.Check out all the Sana Samia Embroidered Summer Lawn Collection prints shown in the gallery and see what’s there for you in stores this summer season.

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