Mausummery 3 Piece Spring Lawn Collection 2016

Mausummery 3 Piece Spring Lawn Collection are in luxury floral patterns that will make your spring/summer events more special because of the elegant designs.

The quality of Mausummery dresses have been increased from recent years better fabric quality and more visible printed designs are now used by the brand.Just like all other brands Mausummery also launched their spring/summer lawn in 3 piece form.

Some dresses are available in 2 piece also lawn and chiffon both are used as you know chiffon is used for duppatas and lawn for other pieces.

The dresses by Mausummery is always getting attention because brand is improving their design quality they are one of those brands which introduces their collections every season.

Mausummery 3 Piece Spring Lawn Collection 2016

As you can see the name of the collection is spring lawn there will be summer lawn also but you can wear these dresses in summer too.

Geomatric and other forms of pattern work used to craft different embroidered work are used on front,back and other parts of the shirts in some dresses duppatas are also matched with that print.

Matching patterns of color combinations and printed work have been used to make this collection special and women will like more these kind of dresses.

There are some lace work done on the dresses that is giving luxury touch to dresses it is not in all part but slightly used to make this collection more fancy.

Mausummery 3 Piece Spring Lawn Collection

If you were thinking that these designs will be expensive then you are wrong price tag starts from 2,143-5,190 rupees it depends on which type of design you are buying.

Economical dresses have been always the concern that it may be in lesser quality but after looking at this collection we can easily say that brands can produce high quality stuff in low prices.

Low prices are maintained to target the common women of Pakistan because not every one can afford dresses ranging from then 7,000 rupees.

That’s why¬†Mausummery 3 Piece Spring Lawn Collection is for you if you are looking for budget friendly luxury style dresses to wear on spring/summer events and parties.

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