Mantra Summer Casual Wear Women Wear 2016

Mantra Summer Casual Wear are modern trendy outfits in colorful designs that can be worn while going out for day or night out see all the designs.

Mantra is another western style modern dress brand in Pakistan they have been around from quite some time now their clothing is famous among celebrities and party freaks.Because of their modern dress forms teens and young women are more attracted towards them.

Recently they have displayed their new set of clothing for women as their outerwear these dress forms include cape dresses,jeans,shirts of different designs loose trousers and different types of pants are included to make you chic.

Mantra Summer Casual Wear

All dresses are modern and can be worn on special occasions because of their trendy looks these are must have for party freaks.These dresses are very comfortable and can be worn in while going out in sun for traveling purposes.

This brand may not be known to everyone because they are not much active and launching lot of their collections like others are doing these days.But as a western style clothing brand its okay because there are not much buyers of these clothes.

As a limited audience still these brands are producing trendy clothes because in summer women are more towards summer lawns and printed dress forms.Some tops have floral type patterns but not much visible those were added just to have style.

Mantra Summer Casual Wear Women Wear 2016

Fabric materials are high quality that’s why prices are higher some dresses are around 3,550 rupees others will cost you in the range of 7,000 rupees which is much higher in Pakistan.Not much people will buy that much expensive clothes as outerwear.

Because women will like to spend on wedding wears and party wear dresses that have different embellishments on them.Explore all the designs from Mantra Summer Casual Wear image gallery and see how this brand is different from other western style clothier in Pakistan.

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