Khaadi 3 Piece Embroidered Collection 2016

Khaadi 3 Piece Embroidered Collection is for women casual & formal wearing as most of the brands in Pakistan launch their dresses to be worn on both occasions.

Khaadi is one of the top brands of Pakistan which launches so many collections in one season like you have seen their previous collections.This one is also based on embroidery around neckline and border line of the kameez.

This collection is in 3 piece forms you will get cotton kameez chiffon duppata and some swarovski elements on the parts of the kameez.This collection is for the spring season because kameez are made from cotton fabric so these are perfect for the spring season.

sping shalwar kameez

The swarovski work on some part of the kameez on dresses are perfect to wear on parties and events.You can get this Khaadi 3 Piece Embroidered Collection in both forms stitched and unstitched forms.

The prices will vary as unstitched dresses are much lesser in price then the stitched one’s.Khaadi have launched its collections on the start of the winter then in the mid and now at the end of the winter for the spring season.

3 piece shalwar kameez

Now the next collections will be of summer that are basically on lawn fabric.Only in winter the shalwar kameez is fabricated on so many fabrics that are warm to wear.You have lots of varieties in fabrics to choose from like silk,chiffon,linen,cambric and other types of fabrics that are made from these one’s.

You can wear these dresses on all your favorite events even on weddings too and on family get to gathers.The price may not be higher of these collections too so visit the stores and look for the ones which suits best for you.

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