Haute Couture Ivory Tower Collection Galia Lahav 2016

Haute Couture Ivory Tower Collection are the glamour bridal gowns for women by Galia Lahav check all the designs and decide which one you want to wear.

This season Galia Lahav have presented two glamour dresses collection for the women one was ready to wear evening wear dresses.Gala Glamour Collection was the evening wear collection by Galia Lahav.

Now you will see Haute Couture Ivory Tower Collection which are bridal gowns that you can select for your wedding.Wedding is the prestigious and important event of our lives so dress should be something special.

Haute Couture Ivory Tower collection

These bridal gowns are in high quality fabric lace and embellished with stones.All the bridal dresses of Haute Couture Ivory Tower Collection are in luxury designs.The floor length is the term that is used for these types of wedding gowns.

The Haute Couture Ivory Tower Collection introduces eleven steeply-priced Galia Lahav high fashion robes, ten of which comprise romantic, plunging bare backs: Victoria, Julianna, Elizabeth, Dianne, Gwen, Delphine, Aurora, Flavia, Adeline and Roxanne.

Haute Couture Ivory Tower collection

The slim-match “Elizabeth” is covered in complex lace and aspects sparkling silver embroidered straps, and the lacy “Delphine” is embellished with straps that collapse the again, paying homage to a Gothic archway.

For brides who choose the smoother texture of silk or satin, there’s the sensual “Juliana dress type” with its geometric neckline and again, and “Diana,” an off-the-shoulder mermaid silhouette with a tulle skirt.

Haute Couture Ivory Tower collection

The 2-piece gown’s cropped, long sleeved prime and matching full size lace skirt are sure to be among readers new favorites.Regal and sensual as normally, the latest and far predicted bridal assortment from Galia Lahav high fashion has left the bridal world agape.

Influenced by using gothic structure and medieval trend, the haute couture ivory tower assortment contains wedding attire that evoke imagery of a woman who knows what she desires.All the Haute Couture Ivory Tower Collection dresses are romantic and hot.

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You will love the Haute Couture Ivory Tower Collection dress designs just check all of them presented in the pix gallery and share it with your friends.

Haute Couture Ivory Tower Collection Pix


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