Hand Finger Mehndi Designs For Autumn Events 2016

Hand Finger Mehndi Designs are beautiful Mehndi art work that can be tried on weddings and other special events check the complete gallery and see every design.

Mehndi or Henna are traditional art work for Middle East and some Asian countries there are many designs available most famous one’s are Arabic and Indian designs.

You can create countless designs if you know this art and like making Mehndi it can be drawn on hand,foot shoulders or back.In some countries its been used as new form of body tattoos because of the natural colors that are extracted from seed.

Hand Finger Mehndi DesignsHand Finger Mehndi Designs For Autumn Events 2016 7

Autumn season is already started wedding season will start soon so women must be looking for new pattern of Mehndi designs.That’s why today we have chosen hand finger mehndi designs for you that can be make easily.

These are very neat and sleek designs not much extra work is done just a design that goes towards fingers you can have these designs on palm also or create a new design by getting inspired from these Mehndi art.

You can make flowery designs,peacock design with mid area of different colors or some embellishments it will depend on the event where you are going.

Brides can also take inspirations from these designs and make their wedding Mehndi more special now a days Mehndi artist have become more pro in their work they know about the latest trends and designs.Hand Finger Mehndi Designs For Autumn Events 2016 8

If you want to make these by your hand then you need to be extra careful because sometimes you may ruin some design.Its OK if you are just trying simple designs but for complex designs we suggest you should ask someone to do it.

These Mehndi designs will enhance more beauty of your dress so just sit back relax and enjoy Hand Finger Mehndi Designs from the following image gallery.

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