Gul Ahmed Soya Silk Collection Spring/Summer 2016

Gul Ahmed Soya Silk Collection are the light fabrics spring/summer party wear dresses that will make your events more special because of your style.

This collection is the modern party wear collection which have dresses inspired from the traditional Pakistani fashion.You will find printed shirts,printed duppata,dyed shalwar/trousers all the dresses are suitable to wear on any type of party or event.

Different lengths of shirts have been included in this collection some are floor length and some are around the knee area.

Gul Ahmed have produced different variety of light weight fabrics this season that you won’t feel summer heat on yourself after wearing any of the dresses launched in spring/summer catalog.

Gul Ahmed Soya Silk Collection SpringSummer 2016

These types of dresses are more liked by young women because of the modern design look that suits them.Light and darkish colors are used with different combination of printed patterns that are done on different parts of the shirts.

This season Gul Ahmed have produced every type of dress form that women likes from simple casual to stylish modern designs.

Everything is included in this year spring/summer campaign of Gul Ahmed we have already shared some of the collections launched in the catalog.You can look at them from the shalwar kameez category.

This collection is not the typical shalwar kameez dresses that you have seen these are modern forms of it which are worn on special occasions.

Gul Ahmed Soya Silk Collection

Summer clothing have many types in Pakistan more then winter because its the shortest season and summer is longer then any other season.

Lawn is the most worn fabric in summer season but Gul Ahmed have used different light weight fabrics that will make your spring/summer clothing more elegant.

All the collections that we have shown you recently including this one is already available in the stores if you don’t live in Pakistan then you can order online.

See all the prints of Gul Ahmed Soya Silk Collection from the image gallery shown and then decide which one you are going to buy for your styling in the heat season.

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