Geode Hair Trend Latest Style For This Season 2017

Geode Hair Trend is rocking nowadays because of the color effects use in this hairstyle today we have got some styles for you so let’s check all of them.

Geode color trend have taken our lives first came the geode lip art trend than nail art.In both simple and crystallized forms that changed the looks.

Now Geode is seen on hairs we are sure you will love this hair trend like all other hair trends we have shown you.Geode hair trend combines iridescent things with bright shades that looks great in summer season.

Geode Hair TrendGeode Hair Trend Latest Style For This Season 2017

To replicate the cystal geode stylists are lightening the hairs from bottom up.In order to achieve the geode hair stylists are simply lightning the hairs by drying it and applying the purple color on the mid sections.

Then on tip of the hairs moonstone blue color is applied to create the geode hair look.You can use your hands and brush to bend these colors on your hairs.

These colors are easily available in stores near you just find the perfect combination of colors you need because there are many different color contrast in this trend.Geode Hair Trend Latest Style For This Season 2017

The main different between geode hairs and other colorful hair trends is that geode hair does not require you to completely bleach your hairs it requires two shades colors to be blended by hand.

This look will give you appearance of the inside crystal with fadding colors effects.This color trend have multishades which are seen from near from far it will look like simple purple or blue color.

But if you look at it closely you will see the difference of trying something new this summer.You can wear purple or colorful dresses with this hairstyle on any event or social gathering.

We have selected some of the different Geode Hair Trend pictures that will inspire you to try out this new hair trend take a look at all of them below.

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