Faraz Manan Spring Summer Lawn Collection 2016

Faraz Manan Spring Summer Lawn Collection is launching in some days and just like last year you will see Kareena Kapoor in Pakistani lawn dresses.

If you have seen Faraz Manan last year collection then you must have seen Bollywood beauty Kareena Kapoor in Pakistani dresses.The same trend continues this year the brand have again shown Kareena Kapoor wearing Pakistani lawn dresses.

These are not like other lawn shalwar kameez dresses because these dresses are in more modern designs.Faraz Manan have shown unique idea this year last year his lawn was of shalwar kameez dresses.

But this year you will see different types of lawn designs if you think lawn is only used to design shalwar kameez dresses then you are wrong.Lawn can be used in various different ways some of the designs are shown by Faraz Manan in this collection.

Faraz Manan Spring Summer Lawn Collection

Lawn fabric is mostly used and worn in Pakistan then any other country that’s why designers in Pakistan use it.There are many advantages of lawn fabric because of its soft characteristics it is used in many ways.

Summer in Pakistan is so hot temperature can rise to 50 in some parts of the country and in those days you want to have soft fabrics on you.Lawn made from pure cotton is cheap also because its available every where.

We only focus on top brands there are local brands too which design lawn dresses.Faraz Manan is the top fashion house in Pakistan and they have shown it by showing Kareena Kapoor as a model in their collection.

Last year they stunned everyone when they hire Kareena Kapoor for the first time because no other brand have tried this marketing strategy in Pakistan.

Faraz Manan Spring Summer Lawn Collection

After that other brands have tried this strategy too but the quality of Faraz Manan dresses is much higher in reasonable prices.You will find beautiful prints of different art work around back and front side of the dresses.

Some dresses are with sleeves and some are without sleeves.These designs can be worn on any special event or wear them as outerwear this collection is launching in some days you can order online or visit retail stores.

There is another collection in which you will see Kareena Kapoor again but those are more glamour type dresses you can categorized them as evening wear dresses which we will post in some time.

Till then enjoy Faraz Manan Spring Summer Lawn Collection check out all the prints and designs shown by the designer in the images.

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