Fancy Summer Lawn Dresses By House Of Ittehad 2016

Fancy Summer Lawn Dresses are not in just shalwar kameez format there are other modern dress forms that you need to see check out the gallery to look at them.

House of Ittehad have worked this time with Nilofer Shahid to produce fancy and elegant collection for this summer season.For this collection Ittehad textiles have not used one fabric.

Lawn is mentioned in the title but there are some other fabrics that are used in combination with cotton lawn like chiffon,silk and cambric.Shirts will always be in lawn other pieces are in different fabrics but overall its a lawn collection.

Fancy Summer Lawn Dresses By House Of Ittehad 2016

House Of Ittehad is one of the oldest textile industry in Pakistan now working as a brand from some years they have their own designers and they also work with other notable designers in the fashion industry.

This time they produced one of the modern dresses collection in traditional designs that you will love every part of it.All of their collections are in charming and striking color patterns which will make you elegant during your event.

Light and dark both colors are used with different art work of printed and embroidered patterns on different cutting styles of dresses.Shirts are almost like kurtis some are mid lengths and some are with general size.

Trousers,shalwars,patiala shalwar types,flapper pants,gharara type trouser everything can be seen in this collection because designer have produced such versatile work that there is something for everyone.

Summer Lawn Dresses

You can choose your dress according to your taste some vintage dress form have also been used but in modern forms designer is smart she have converted those dress forms into fancy modern designs.

After looking at the images you may want to to wear every dress of this collection every event dress is present you can wear them casually or formally or wear them on wedding parties price range of these dresses are from 5,950 to 6,750 rupees.

Now check out all the designs from Fancy Summer Lawn Dresses collection that Ittehad textiles have produced for this summer season collection is available in all leading stores.

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