Embroidered Eid Chiffon Wear By Baroque 2015-16

Embroidered Eid Chiffon wear dresses consists of long kameez design with tights or trousers specially designed for young girls.

This collection have embroidered bordered shirts,embroidered net sleeves,lace shirts.Beautiful color combos are used with the traditional embroidered work.Pakistani women loves embroidered patterns on kameez and shirts.

Knee Length Long Shirts On Eid

knee length net shirts

All of these shirts are knee length long which are best suitable for parties and events.Not on just eid you can wear these dresses on bridal parties and events.

Pastel mixtures are very jovial and schemed in an abstemious way. Equivalent to on equal on colours embroideries of same thread are interlaced even as on the back part, special other colours are threaded.

Chiffon Eid Dresses 

chiffon eid dresses

So it’s making a sort of one other assortment of the season. Now check what the colors to be had are in Embroidered Chiffon Eid wear.Material is bedecked with the glittering and exaggerated art work. It incorporate embroideries drawn in floral shapes.

Floral Printed Kameez 

Embroidered Eid Chiffon Wear By Baroque 2015-16

Different style of floral veins and rosemary patterns may also be located on embroidered chiffon eid wear corresponding to rose patterns, wildflower patters, Lotus patterns and tulip patterns. Together with this fauna patterns are there too that include butterfly portrayals,and peacock configurations.

Party Wear Shalwar Kameez 

party wear shalwar kameez

These party wear shalwar kameez are in 2 piece designs in chiffon fabric decorated with intricate embroidered patterns and different glittering emblazonment’s. Chiffon has done to be the festive material of Pakistan and even a single festive assortment you received’t see with out usage of this material.

Eid Festive Women Wear 

eid festive wear

Thus in in these festive wear dresses you’re going to find all of the clothes hatched with chiffon aesthetics.

Motis, beads, jewels and diamante’s buttons are interacted within the party wear eid shalwar kameez range, and making it probably the most glittering and eye tackling contagious collection of the season that won’t will let you freed without getting it in your eid wardrobe this season.


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