Eid Ul Azha Printed Kameez By Ittehad Textiles 2015-16

Eid Ul Azha Printed Kameez are the designs of shirts that you will love to wear on this eid designed by Ittehad Textiles see the complete collection.

Beautiful color combos are used in these kameez designs you will notice in the images neck embroidery is done with great art.Embroidered kameez are for parties which young girls prefer to buy.Above stated colours of are extra embellished with the prints of opposite colours and some clothes comprise piano styled.

Printed Kameez With Shalwar 

printed shalwar kameez

Black and white prints in verify kind and for that the gathering is entitled eid ul azha printed kameez.You can also examine these colors and designs in the pictures given on the finish of this article to get a better view of the eid ul azha printed kameez.Fabric of chiffon and silk are used it is embellished with the blossoming verdure prints, crafted in one-of-a-kind patterns akin to floral, traditional, digital and coloring veins shapes.

Colors Used In Eid Shalwar Kameez 

colorful shalwar kameez

Along with this, exuberant colour preparations are additionally there to refresh your moods and personality in a descent method. Colors comprise,brown, beige, crimson, inexperienced, gray, beige, zinc, blue, pink, golden, lilac, pink, blue, sizzling pink, farozi, aqua, peach, mehndi, brown, tea crimson and copper.Let’s talk in regards to the fabric and measured lawn of eid ul azha printed kameez.

Long Kameez Designs On Eid 

long kameez dresses

This collection is more often than not comprising 3 piece suits furnished in the longer lengths in view that most commonly girls wish to put on lengthy shirts. Anyways, if you wish to make a brand new gown with knee length shirt, that you would be able to make itas well, simply stich the material simply the best way you find it irresistible.

Eid Ul Azha Evening Wear 

eid ul azha evening wear

Nature and sceneries invariably touches your soul and sway it to be first-class, same factor is with the floral prints of a gown and condominium of eid ul azha printed kameez is embedded thoroughly with herbaceous garden.

Colorful Patterns Used In This

eid shalwar kameez

Together with this, blossoming color palette is also there to suckle your moods with freshness and suck the distress out.Ittehad textiles have shown us beautiful designs every time they launch their new collection its always something new.Wear beautiful shirts with trousers or shalwar on this eid.


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