Eid Ul Azha Pret Collection By Nishat Linen 2015-16

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Eid ul azha pret collection was launched by Nishat linen for the women party wear dressing in traditional style.Check the complete collection in the gallery.

These are pret embroidered kurtis and shirts for the festive wear wearing.These are also can be wore in winter parties and events.Look at the images one by one further down and to see the full collection look at the images gallery at the end.

Pret Dresses On Eid 

pret dresses on eid

Nishat linen have produced so many event wear dresses with different kinds of fabrics.Mostly this brand uses linen fabric that’s why their name is Nisht Linen.These are pret party wear kameez with dyed trousers and shalwars.That are perfect for this season events and parties for young girls.

Embroidered Pret Dresses On Eid

pret embroidered eid dresses

I have shown you their summer wear dresses now this eid ul azha pret collection is for the Eid and fall winter season. The variety of merchandise offered by Nishat Linen entails in a position to put on dresses and materials for ladies, menswear, youngsters put on, house textiles, etc. First-class garments are offers by the corporation.

Linen Fabric Shalwar Kameez

linen fabric dresses

From linen to lawn, it presents a wide range of women’s wear. These are supplied under its company “Nisha”. Nishat Linen pret wear dresses involves a huge range of quality in a position to wear clothes. Apart from this the company provides many other kind of clothes additionally.

Fall Kurtis For Young Girls 

fall kurtis on eid

This collection includes a huge style of distinct forms of designs for women. There are brand new dresses as well as eastern clothes for women. There are distinctive sub-collections in the clothes of Nishat linen dresses for women.

Nishat Linen Clothing

embroidered prints on shirt

Nishat linen is working in Pakistani fashion industry from many years they just not only design dresses but they also have the bed sheet designs for your homes.

All the collection you will see by this brand is of high quality and in beautiful colors. Now lets check out the complete eid ul azha pret collection click on the image to have the larger view.

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