Easy DIY Pencil Case Tutorial That Can Carry Lot Of Things

DIY Pencil Case Tutorial is shown in easy pictutorial guide that you can follow and make beautiful pen & pencil cases easily with just normal things in your home.

Pencil case that is custom made will not carry only pencil and pens you can put lot of useful stuff in it.This pencil case is made from simple bottle that you can recycle in lot of ways we will show you how you can recycle in it useful way.

It can become decoration of your room and the most important thing it will be made by you.Its always the nice feeling when we create something by ourselves at stylevilas.com we have lots of DIY tutorials which you can look for.

DIY Pencil Case Tutorial Guide

This guide is presented in easy way just follow the steps shown in the drop down category and read the details lets start.


Cutting Of Bottle

Easy DIY Pencil Case Tutorial

Cut the bottle from the middle we will be needing the lower part only upper part is no use make the sides smooth by cutting the extra over shaped.Make the cutting perfect by doing it carefully.


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By following the above DIY Pencil Case Tutorial you can easily create something beautiful by your own hands using simple things.Share your DIY projects with us on our facebook page to feature here.



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