Eastern Jungle Collection Cambric Kameez By Khaadi 2016

Cambric Kameez with tights were launched by Khaadi for the autumn season wearing.See the eid ul azha and autumn shalwar kameez designs.

Beautiful colors are used in this eid ul azha cambric kameez designs.You have seen poetic rose cambric kurtis in the previous post.Now its the cambric kameez or shirt designs that you can wear with jeans or tights.This is launched for the eid ul azha and winter wearing.Mostly these will be used on casual occasions.

Khaadi Pret Wear 

But you can try these with different fashion accessories on festive events too.Colours utilized in Khaadi cambric kameez Jungle collection are luxurious and valued at to be eye catching such as yellow, purple, red, mustard, pink, mint, gray, purple, turquoise, beige, green, and off-white. These colours are twisted with the contrasted pastels embroideries and you’ll love it.

Cambric Fabric Used In Shirts 

cambric fabric shirts

On this collection you are going to find material measured in ample sizes enabling you to make a superb elegant costume for eid without worrying about your physique measurements. At the moment, short shirts, together with capri trousers are in fashion but some girls additionally prefer to put on long shirts with capris.

Festive Events Wearing 

festive events wearing

By way of utilising the material of Khaadi Cambric kamez Jungle collection 2015 you could fix it through stitching a dress as per your own kind and option.If you’re utilising luminous printed patterns for your Cambric gown then you need to use them as everyday wears and alternatively, in case you craft embroideries to your attire, they’ll come to be festive.

Eid Ul Azha Kameez Designs 

eid ul azha kameez designs

This specialty is making Khaadi Cambric kameez shirts 2015 valued at to seize assortment for eid ul adha.In this assortment you are going to find cotton three piece clothes i.E. Embellished with the luminous pastels and botanical patterns of embroideries and profuse prints to present the clothes an autumn appearance. Additionally, cambric is a material that suits you on the large occasions and also seem ultimate on you to your commonplace dressing.


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