DIY Shoe Clip Ideas To Make Your Footwear Better

DIY Shoe Clip Ideas are the simple and stylish clips that you can made by your hand easily for your footwear customization.

Have you ever tried to customize your shoes? You can easily customize your shoes with just simple things and making it more beautiful.

There are lots of ideas of customization over the internet and always bring you one of the best from them.These shown tutorials are by experts who show daily DIY customization stuff.

DIY shoe clip ideas

We just collect them and show it to our readers.We have shown you DIY clothes customization now we will show you DIY shoe clip ideas.By just adding a clip at tip of the shoe you can change your old shoe into new and stylish one.

Shoe clips are tiny pieces that may change the appear of any undeniable footwear. They are able to be fabricated from so many versatile materials.

DIY shoe clip ideas

The next shoe clips are really versatile, so you will for sure in finding some that can appear superb in your flats or heels. Whether or not you need to add some pom poms, bows, rhinestones, sequins and so forth.

DIY shoe clip ideas

We’ve obtained you protected with the following step-by way of-step tutorials. You may also prefer to make some interesting shoe clips within the type of lips, ice cream cones or smile emoticons with a purpose to instantly make your day.

If you have old shoe and you don’t wear it much then you can easily change its design and look by just adding clip to it.Clips are for hairs also which can change your hairstyle looks in the same way it can change your shoe design.

DIY shoe clip ideas

Follow the guide shown in the images open every image on full screen.If you can’t open it in full screen right click on any image and choose save pic as download it to your computer then view in full screen.

Lets check DIY Shoe Clip Ideas images and see what you can do with your old shoe.

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DIY Shoe Clip Ideas


  1. Been crushing on the wave of shoe clips at Jimmy Choo, but sadly can’t afford them…These are so beautiful, I have abandoned my Jimmy Choo aspirations, and might actually try these…or get a crafty friend to make them for me! Thanks for this post! Again, they are gorgeous!!!!


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