DIY Paper Flower Bouquet Tutorial

Paper flower bouquet tutorial are for those who want’s to craft something in home check the complete step by step guide shown in the images and try to make one.

Like the flower vase guide we have shown you it was made from the fomic sheet and some papers and your hand work was needed.We hope you have tried that tutorial and tried to make one by yourself.

Now we will be showing you paper flower bouquet tutorial  which is quite easy even from the flower vase.A bouquet made from real flowers are given on special occasions like weddings.

And we can’t keep the bouquets of real flowers for last long that’s why paper flowers are used just for fun.This bouquet may not be liked by some its just fun to create something by your hand.

If you are a school girl then you can create something like this for your some of your projects or decorate your room with these stuff.Its not always necessary to follow the complete guide and create the exact thing shown.

You can take idea from one place and from other and try to create something unique of your own.These bouquets not even shows your creativity but also cheapest way to decorate your room.

Now lets read the complete paper flower bouquet tutorial in step by step guide by the end of it you will be able to create something of your own.

Things Used In Paper Flower Bouquet Tutorial

  • Colorful Papers
  • Sticks
  • Glitter Color Spray
  • Scissors to cut something
  • Gum
  • Glitter Paper strip

Use the sliding gallery and read full details then click next to view the next one.


Step 1(Cutting Colorful Papers)

DIY Paper Flower Bouquet Tutorial

Colorful papers can be easily cut in round shaped you can make them cut in exact perfect round by some scales or use some round heavy thing put it on the paper that will make the shape of the circle on the paper.


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We hope you loved Paper Flower Bouquet Tutorial shown follow this tutorial and create the one shown above and send us pix of your creation at our Facebook page we will feature you here.