Deepak Perwani Spring Summer Formal Wear 2016

Deepak Perwani Spring Summer Formal Wear collection was launched recently this collection have all the traditional style dresses.

Deepak Perwani is one of the top designs of Pakistan his collections are based on casual,formal and ready to wear dresses for all seasons.Some of his bridal collections are also famous because of the designs and art work on the dresses.

This formal collection was launched on the runway all the top models are showing his collections.You will see lehenga,kurti,long maxi and floor length dress forms in this spring/summer collection.

Deepak Perwani Spring Summer Formal Wear 2016

In Pakistan whenever festive events are near or wedding is near women starts shopping for traditional style dresses.As now winter is ending and spring will start there is no festive season but wedding season is full on top.

Women dressing is so special on weddings that’s why you see most collections for weddings are women related.You will find combination of light and dark colors like tea pink,coffe brown,black,purple and other combination of colors made from these.

Deepak Perwani sprung summer formal wear

One color is not used on single dress parts of every color mentioned are used some are on borderline some are on middle of the shirts.Shirts of this collection have beautiful prints on front and back different art work is applied on every dress you will see in the gallery.

Wear some wedge heels type of footwear that will match with the outfit in terms of color to complete your party look.Jewelry items are not necessary you can have some minimum jewelry that you take in the normal days while going somewhere.

In one of the dresses you will see men formal type dress but we are not focusing on men clothing in this post.

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So sticking to women wear we are showing you Deepak Perwani latest work that is available in the market in the form of Deepak Perwani Spring Summer Formal Wear.

Deepak Perwani Spring Summer Formal Wear Pix

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