Crescent Lawn Faraz Manan Summer Dresses 2016

Crescent Lawn Faraz Manan Summer Dresses are the signature dresses for the summer season Faraz Manan launches it around spring/summer season.

Crescent lawn was launched some days back part of summer collections that are launched by Faraz Manan which he launches every summer season.Last year we have seen Kareena Kapoor in crescent collection this year we saw her in more elegant collection.

Kareena Kapoor was wearing Faraz Manan summer dresses in Faraz Manan spring summer lawn but this crescent lawn is different it is more into luxury type designs.Women can wear these dresses on parties and events of the hot season.

Crescent Lawn Faraz Manan Summer Dresses 2016

Just like other main brands Faraz Manan have used lawn fabrics for summer special occasion dresses all the dresses are in 3 pcs modern dress forms of the traditional category.These dresses are elegant and may look heavy because of the prints.

But because of the lawn fabrics these can be worn easily all over the summer season Faraz Manan have used beautiful printed designs that are unique and according to the latest trends of the hot season in Pakistani fashion.

Trousers of this collection are also carefully crafted with different patterns other then the designs on the shirts.Price of these dresses are also not too much it may look expensive but its not you can buy one set of dress from 5,250.

Fancy thread work can also be seen on the shirts when you see the golden color dress look at closely because it had the golden thread work well crafted all over the dress.Printed patterns are same as what other brands are doing that is on front/back.

Crescent Lawn Faraz Manan Summer Dresses

Sleeveless and with sleeve dresses are available you can further more customize them according to your need but overall dresses are complete and ready to be worn on the special occasions of this summer season.

So check out all the designs from the Crescent Lawn Faraz Manan Summer Dresses gallery and find the dress you are looking for because this collection have those fancy prints that you will love to wear.


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