Body Chain Jewellery Styles For Women 2015-16

Body chain jewellery is used in different ways by women these are presented by different brands.See how you can carry these jewellery items in images.

Body chain jewellery have different designs and styles women from all over the world carry it in different ways.You can carry these type of jewellery items on any type of outfits you like.

Body Chain on Back Side 

Body Chain Jewellery Styles For Women 2015-16

The above image you are seeing body back chain these are worn on summer outfits the back chain is different style from most of the front style of jewellery you have seen.Try this and be unique in your fashion and style.

These are taken differently dress wise like on gown you will carry it in different way then jeans or top outfits.These can be used as your casual or formal jewellery to bring more style in your personality.

Chest Necklace Body Chain

Body Chain Jewellery Styles For Women 2015-16

This one is the front necklace type chain it has a small necklace which covers the neck and a chest covering chains which makes this unique from other jewellery types.Wear this if you want to try something different.

Different kinds in body chain jewellery are shoulder stone embellished physique chain, necklace upper shoulder physique chain, stomach button fancy body chain, leather-based strips body chain blazer, shoulder higher physique chain with striking chain layers and necklace ring body chain with sleeves cuff jewelry.

Neck To Body Chain Jewellery

Body Chain Jewellery Styles For Women 2015-16

The neck to body chain is mostly used on Evening Wear Gowns this chain starts like a neck chain bracelet but covers all body at the back and bottom.This one will make your party wear dress more attractive.

All these physique chain jewelry designs are the potent ideas of physique jewelry for ladies.Here now we have a cutting-edge collection of contemporary body chain jewelry.

Let’s take a look to those designs akin to physique chain blazer trend, necklace chest body chain, gold pleated neck to physique chain jewellery, leg pendant Thais physique chain jewelry,physique chain jewellery pattern just isn’t so historic when it was came in development.

Thais & Leg Body Chain

Body Chain Jewellery Styles For Women 2015-16

This one is shown on jeans but you can try this on shorts also.The Leg & Thais chain starts from belly and went down side wise to leg.

Nonetheless in these days physique chain jewellery liked and wears via ladies with clothes and with out clothes throughout swimming. It seems to be very scorching, attractive and glamorous.

Shoulder Stone Chain 

Body Chain Jewellery Styles For Women 2015-16

This one is different from all of the above I have shown you all were chains but this one has the stone on the shoulder.The chain can be of gold or silver and you can have any gemstone on it.

Gold, silver & steel made body jewelry is met in unique forms of body chain designs.Most of these are available in gold forms but you can get these in silver and artificial forms also.

Necklace & Shoulder Body Chain 

Body Chain Jewellery Styles For Women 2015-16

This one has the very elegant necklace that can be wore on any special event.With the necklace there is a chain that goes around the shoulders to make this perfect and unique for you.You can wear these only with the sleeveless outfits weather its a gown or a dress it should be sleeveless to wear one of these items.

It depends on your cost how much you want to invest in these.The more you spend in these jewellery items the better quality you will get.These are also made on custom orders by some brands.

Belly Button Body Chain Jewellery 

Body Chain Jewellery Styles For Women 2015-16

This one is only useful if you are wearing a short top or a swimwear.Because you have to show your belly to make this item more visible Arab dancing women wears this type of jewellery a lot.

Leather Strips Body Chain Jewellery 

leather strip body chain jewellery

This gold chain is connected to the top from bottom with the help of leather wear this when you want to have the cow boy style look with some jewellery to wear.This can be used on jeans or denim shorts.

Hanging Chains On Shoulders 

hanging chain jewellery

This one has beautiful designs of gold on the shoulders which goes down to bottom around hip in chain forms this kind of jewellery is suitable on dinner events or on gown dresses.

Sleeves Cuff Jewellry With Necklace Ring 

Body Chain Jewellery Styles For Women 2015-16

This one is also unique from all of the above in this cuff jewellery is connected with the necklace ring with the help of hanging chains.You can wear this on any outfit weather its winter or summer.Wear this on some special events to look different from others.

These are the some of the styles to have body chain jewellery on you.If you have ideas about more ways you can wear these then share with us in comments.


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