Best Makeup Tips For Oily Skin Combat

Oily skin is a problem for most of us today we have got some makeup tips which will help you to combat it.

Makeup and oily skin are enemies of each other.It is a struggle for some woman to keep their makeup on oily skins.With these types of problems, most of you think that it is better to go bare face.

Having an oily skin also means that not having a flawless skin there will be grease and shine on your face that you have to deal with mostly during the summer time.

If you are facing all these problems then don’t worry today we have got some of the best makeup tips for oily skin that will help you achieve great results while having shine free skin.

Best Makeup Tips For Oily SkinBest Makeup Tips For Oily Skin Combat

Prep Your Skin

For the oily type of skins prepping it before the makeup is a must.It can balance the skin oiliness with your makeup products. Best Makeup Tips For Oily Skin Combat

  • First, you should have a good toner after cleansing your face because it will absorb your skin oil without making it dry and dehydrated.
  • After using the toner be sure to moisturize it.
  • Most girls ditch the use of moisturizer in fear of making skin more oily.Which is a misconception because dehydrated skin produces more oil.
  • Always go for a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid if you are going to apply makeup on top of it.Because the ingredients inside can help your skin hydrated without making it greasy.

Use PrimerBest Makeup Tips For Oily Skin Combat

A primer will help you to keep your skin with makeup long lasting.It will also create a layer between your makeup and skin so your pores won’t get clogged.

  •  Primers will also help you create an even base for your makeup giving you flawless skin.
  • Use a primer that is not silicone based because it will cause problems for oily skin.Always use a primer that contains salicylic acid.
  • The best way to apply primers is by using your fingertips.But you can always use your makeup brush to make it cleaner.
  • It can help to stimulate better blood flow which will make your skin more healthy.

Choose the right FoundationBest Makeup Tips For Oily Skin Combat

This is very important because most foundations melt on oily skins.Choosing the best one is recommended according to your skin type.

  • Powder foundations always work well with oily skins.They can easily absorb grease and make shine less without making your skin heavy.
  • If you don’t like powder foundations then choose water based foundations that have silica which is best for oily based skins.
  • Always read the ingredients and what’s included inside the foundation some of them are labeled with best for specific skin types.

Setting up Your Makeup

Best Makeup Tips For Oily Skin Combat

When it comes to setting up your makeup the best powder you can use to seal it is loose powder.It can soak up the oil from your skin that any other powder doesn’t do.

  • Another technique that you can use is baking which is very simple that is to just apply translucent powder on your face.
  • Once applied leave it there for 8-10 minutes.
  • After some time you can dust off the powder using a makeup brush.
  • Despite producing wonderful results baking still, won’t give you control over your oily skin.

Blot Away

Best Makeup Tips For Oily Skin Combat

Blotting papers can also work well on oily skins.They can easily absorb oil of skin.

  •  To use blotting papers you need to press the papers on your skin areas where it’s mostly oily.
  • Don’t drag it on your skin remember you need to just press it not to drag on your skin otherwise your whole makeup will be disturbed.
  • Wait for some time until it absorbs the oil from the skin and then move to the next area.
  • If sheet turns into transparent form change the sheet which means it has absorbed the oil from your skin.

Using Matte BlushBest Makeup Tips For Oily Skin Combat

On oily skins don’t use shimmers because it will make them shinier.A matte blush will give your skin a healthy glow without making it greasy.

  • Choose powder blush according to your skin type because it can last longer and will help reduce the oil.

Using Minimal Layers of Makeup

Because of shiny and oily skin, makeup base will not last long.So always use minimal layers of makeup.

  • Don’t pack too much powder and base on your skin or it will look awkward.Makeup will also melt off if you don’t apply it properly and you don’t want it to be done on your favorite event.

These are the Best Makeup Tips For Oily Skin use them with care wherever you are going and make your makeup last longer.

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