Balmain Resort Collection Women Wear 2016-17

Balmain Resort Collection is one of the most fabulous complete collection launched for the women lets explore the designs and see what designer have for you.

Resort collections are always of interest for women because you will find different types of dresses that will be luxury and stylish.Today our post is about the latest resort collection launched by Balmain.

This collection is trapped between 70’s luxury style with the touch of 90’s vibes that are making all dresses eye catchy and worth looking.Balmain Resort Collection lies strongly on the color sea,sky and sand shades are used as you will see in the photos gallery.

Balmain Resort CollectionBalmain Resort Collection Women Wear 2016-17 5

Color wise this collection is divided into the dark rich theme with some lighter shades and some stripped colored patterns that will make your day.Vivid color prints are used only in less quantity because the main focus is on darker shades.

As we mentioned earlier dress types is mixed with vintage designs you will find skimpy crop tops,skirts with asymmetrical designs and cut out shoulder dresses.Maxi dresses you are seeing in the images are balancing the short tops dress types are so many you will love each and every clothing piece.

Floor length dresses of this collection can be worn during the night events like wedding parties or some social gathering.This is a timeless collection you can wear it during the spring,summer,autumn season can be worn during winter but not in colder days.Balmain Resort Collection Women Wear 2016-17 3

With these dresses, you don’t need many fancy accessories because these outfits are enough to make your style statement.But if you like you can add some jewelry and when it comes to footwear choose darker color shoes.

You can go for sandals or heels that have darker shades of green,black or purple match those with the shades of dresses.You can get more info aboutĀ Balmain Resort Collection at the brand official web.

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