4 Natural Ways To Treat Dandruff

With the winter season being in full swing right now, we all know what it has to bring for our hair and scalp. We all have a constant paranoia during this season about whether this is dandruff covering our shoulders or our scalp that might be visible to others. As this weather is a perfect combination between dryness and cold air, this makes it the most suitable environment for fungus and dandruff buildup on our scalp which leads us to great embarrassments of white dandruff covered clothes and itchy scalp. However, this all can be changed with a few hacks and you can dodge all of this hassle. Read on to know how you can get rid of dandruff this season.

Brush your hair more often

4 Natural Ways To Treat Dandruff

Which you brush your hair, you increase the blood circulation on your scalp which stimulates the scalp and skin renewal calls which then gives out nutrients to nourish your scalp. Moreover, this also results in increased natural oil turnover on your scalp so your scalp remains hydrated and moisturized with your natural oils hence the problems of dandruff stays at bay. Moreover, once you brush your scalp, you remove any impurities that might be lying on your scalp or hair which would help get rid of any buildup and allow your scalp to breathe.

Stay hydrated

4 Natural Ways To Treat Dandruff

Although it is a difficult task to stay committed to drinking loads of water especially during the winter season its benefits make it all the with it and help you to stay motivated to drink sufficient water. Dehydration is another reason for the emergence of dandruff on your scalp. Once your skin is dehydrated, crack from and it breaks giving our flakes which are then known as dandruff. This not only gives you a scaly scalp but in the long run, it can also result in excessive oil production on your scalp which is another big problem so always be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Avoid using heat products

4 Natural Ways To Treat Dandruff

Heat and dryness are known to be best friends in winters that result in the problem of dandruff. Once you dry your hair on high levels of heat, flakes form on your scalp which then results in itchiness and dandruff. It might take long but stick to air drying your hair if you do not want to lose excessive moisture from your hair. Heating tools drain and suck out all the moisture from your hair and scalp making it dry and then your hair becomes more prone to damage and breakage.

Fix your diet and stress levels

4 Natural Ways To Treat Dandruff

When the dryness is at the peak during this season, it is important to eat foods that are rich in good fats and are a vital source of nutrition that help in making your skin and hair better. Eat foods that are rich in omega fats, vitamin b, and zinc. Fish and eggs are packed with nutrients that play a crucial role in making your skin and hair healthier. Increase the intake of such foods during wintertime. Moreover, indulge in more yoga and meditation and spend more time in the sun. Cut down on your screen time and spend some time every day in the sun to cut down on your stress levels because it also contributes to your dandruff issue.


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